Computer Concepts - Presentation of Slides

We shall learn various features present in

Viewing a presentation

  • Viewing pane is very similar to other application windows.

  • It has a menu bar at top of the window which displays toolbar with shortcut icons for the most frequently used options.

  • Status bar at bottom of the screen displays the status information, such as number of slides, current slide, word count, etc.

  • Middle pane displays slides in the presentation, as you can see this section contains three panes.

  • The panel on the left displays a thumbnail image of the slide and allows you to rename, delete or rearrange them.

  • The panel in the center allows you to view the slide presentation.

  • The panel on the right displays formatting options for the selected object.

Viewing Pane

Choosing a set up for presentation

  • In order to select set up for presentation, go to Slide Show and select set up Slide Show option.

  • In the window displayed, make the changes accordingly and save the changes by clicking "ok" button.

Slide Show Menu

SetUp for Presentation

Printing slides and handouts

  • To print the slide, click File → Print.

  • Print preview option helps to preview the page before you print it.

Powerpoint Select Print

Creating and Printing Handouts

  • Handouts are the printed form of presentation.

  • If you want to provide handouts, go to File → Print.

  • Handouts contain both individual slides and space for notes. These are very helpful presentation aids.

  • Click handout master in view menu to preview the handout.

  • Choose a layout to specify how many slides are to be printed on a single sheet of paper.

Handouts Master

Close Master View

Printing Handouts

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