Computer Concepts - Preparation of Slides

The below topics explain the preparation of slides −

Inserting a word table or an excel worksheet

  • We can insert a word table in PowerPoint using "Insert" menu.

  • To insert the table, first create a new slide.

  • Then click on "Insert" menu and select the "Table" icon. Select the number of rows and columns

  • Press Enter.

Powerpoint Insert Table

Table Row Column

Enter Data in Table

Inserting an excel worksheet

  • We can insert an excel worksheet in PowerPoint using "Insert" menu.

  • First, create a new slide.

  • To insert a new excel file inside the presentation, click on insert menu and select Object icon → Create New → Choose the object type as Microsoft Excel sheet → click Ok.

  • To insert an existing excel file, select Create from file → Browse.

  • Finally, select the excel document you wish to insert and press enter.

GoTo Insert Menu Object Select This Option

Powerpoint Click Ok

Powerpoint Excelsheet Inserted

Adding clip art pictures

  • Clip art is a cartoon-like icon or representation.

  • Select Insert → Online pictures.

  • In the dialog box, enter category and select the picture you want to insert.

  • Click on Insert button.

Sdd Online Images

Powerpoint Seach Bar

Powerpoint Select Object

Powerpoint Click Insert

Powerpoint Image Inserted

Inserting other objects

  • You can insert existing objects in a presentation by clicking Object icon in the insert menu.

  • Select Create from file option and then select Browse button.

  • Select the file you want to insert and click Ok button.

  • If you want to link the file, select the link check box.

  • To display the file as an icon, checkmark 'Display as icon' check box and click Okbutton

GoTo Insert Menu Object

Create from File

Powerpoint Select Browse

Powerpoint Browse File

Powerpoint Select Ok


Resizing and scaling an object

First we will learn how to resize an object below

  • To resize an object in presentation mode, select the object, then click and drag on resize handle around the outline.

  • You can rotate the selected object by clicking and moving rotate handle which is usually present at top of the object.

Powerpoint Select Shape

Powerpoint Choose Shape

Draw Shape on Slide

Rotating Resize Handles

Next, we shall learn how to scale an object −

  • To scale an object in the presentation mode, select the object.

  • You can change the height and width of the selected object by right clicking on the Size and Position option, and change values accordingly.

Select Size Position

Set Scalling Factor

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