Computer Concepts - Page Setup

Page Setup

  • Parameters defined by the user help in determining how a printed page will appear.

  • Those parameters include everything from size, margins, page orientation, and quality of print. Page setup options are usually available in "Page Layout" menu.

  • Unless you open an existing document, Word always opens a blank document using the present formatting defaults.

  • You can use these defaults or customize the setting for features such as Margins, Paper Size, And Layout Through The Page Setup Option.

  • To change settings, click page setup menu.

  • Margins icon will be displayed in page setup window.

  • Click on any of the up or down arrows to increase the top, bottom, left or right margins as per your requirement.

  • You can also set the position of header and footer.

  • To change the orientation of a page, choose either landscape or portrait.

  • By clicking the respective icons, you can also make paper source and layout changes under layout, you can also set margins for headers and footers.

Page Setup Menu
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