Computer Concepts - File Management System

The file management system is a software which is used to create, delete, modify and control access and save files.

File Management System

Responsibilities of File Management System

The responsibilities of File Management System are as follows −


This provides user to work with or manipulate the files. Manipulation includes open, close, save, copy, delete, move, rename, share, etc.


By supporting authorization, it restricts unauthorized user to log into system and access files. Username and password are required for authorization purpose. It supports file encryption feature and asks for authorization to access those encrypted files.


In support of integrity, file management system will keep track of data manipulations like deletion, modification, addition of data, etc. If the data gets modified, deleted or added, then those changes should be reflected in all the files.


This allocates memory for storing files, deallocates memory of deleted or unused files and maintains backups.

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