Data Processing & Data Processing Stages

Data processing

Data processing is a process of converting raw facts or data into a meaningful information.

Stages of Data Processing

Stages of Data Processing

Data processing consists of following 6 stages −

Stages of Data Processing


Collection of data refers to gathering of data. The data gathered should be defined and accurate.


Preparation is a process of constructing a dataset of data from different sources for future use in processing step of cycle.


Input refers to supply of data for processing. It can be fed into computer through any of input devices like keyboard, scanner, mouse, etc.


The process refers to concept of an actual execution of instructions. In this stage, raw facts or data is converted to meaningful information.

Output and Interpretation

In this process, output will be displayed to user in form of text, audio, video, etc. Interpretation of output provides meaningful information to user.


In this process, we can store data, instruction and information in permanent memory for future reference.

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