Computer Concepts - Chart

A chart is a graphical representation of worksheet data. Charts can make data interesting, attractive and easy to read and evaluate. They can also help you to analyze and compare data.

Creating a Chart

The easiest way to create charts in excel is by using the chart wizard. Chart wizard icon appears on the insert menu. Chart wizard is a program which consists of different types of charts; it helps user through the process of creation of charts. Icons or symbols present at the side of chart help to add or remove elements to the chart, change chart style and add a filter to the chart. After completing a chart, you can still make changes to it or just start from the beginning.

Getting Started with Chart Wizard

  • The first stage in using chart wizard is to have a table of data.

  • In excel, open a new worksheet, and enter data.

  • Then you must select range of cells that you need in the chart.

  • For example, with cursor in the top-left cell of the table (A1), select table by clicking and dragging cursor to the bottom right-hand cell (B7).

  • Click Insert menu and select chart option.

  • From chart types, select the type of chart that you would like to use.

  • Excel has different types of Charts such as line charts, pie chart, area chart, pivot chart, etc.

  • The selection of chart type is usually driven by the data, although there are no strict rules for determining the chart type you should use.

  • But you should use the one which displays your data and conveys your message in the simplest way possible.

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