Flavors of Java PPT API


This chapter takes you through some of the flavors of Java PowerPoint API and their features. There are many vendors who provide Java PPT related APIs; some of them are considered in this chapter.

Aspose Slides for Java

Aspose slides for Java is a purely licensed Java PPT API, developed and distributed by the vendor Aspose. The latest version of this API is 8.1.2, released in July 2014. It is a rich and heavy API (combination of plain Java classes and AWT classes) for designing the PPT component that can read, write, and manage slides.

The common uses of this API are as follows −

  • Build dynamic presentations
  • Render and print high-fidelity presentations
  • Generate, edit, convert, and print presentations

Apache POI

Apache POI is a 100% open source library provided by Apache Software Foundation. Most of the small and medium scale application developers depend heavily on Apache POI (HSLF + XSLF). It supports all the basic features of PPT libraries; however, rendering and text extraction are its main features. Given below is the architecture of Apache POI for PPT.

POI Flavors