Wrap Dress

This wrap dress is one of the best fashion items ever made. As we all know, this style has taken root in China. According to sources, these wrap dresses were worn mostly by the rulers and queens of the Shang dynasty. It crawled to neighbouring countries such as Korea and some countries closer to Korea after reaching almost all of China. And coming to one of the most fascinating facts about this wrap dress, this dress is considered the most basic style in some countries like central Asia and East Asia.

What is the Meaning of Wrap Dress?

The term “wrap dress” refers to the fashion in which the pieces of cloth on two sides of the body are wrapped around in opposite directions. This dress usually gives the most erotic appeal to a woman. Doing this kind of work for a dress will always allow for the formation of a V-shaped neck at the neck portion. The floral wrap dress is considered the most beautiful presentation dress for a lady. This style is available in many colours. This style gives us the feasibility that it is available for almost all shapes of the body.

Diane Von Furstenberg’s wrap dress

It is often declared in most places that this wrap dress was invented or so-called designed by the most famous person called Diane von Furstenberg. This person’s model only consists of two pieces of cloth that are wound together in some way, but it produced a beautiful robe at the time. His or her model is about the length of the knee. This design has gone gaga over the world and most of the world has started imitating her style by making clean changes to that style.

This wrap dress’s sleeves have been updated, and these are the various updated styles of those sleeves: cap sleeves, long sleeves, quarter-length sleeves, and straps.

Cap sleeves

This kind of fashion clothing just covers the shoulders, and the remaining parts of the hands are left uncovered. If you don’t wish to expose your body in that manner, then this type of dressing is not suitable for you.

As already said, the two pieces of cloth, when tied from two opposite sides, will give a V-shaped neck. This shape of the neck along with the cap sleeves will give them the most beautiful look if they don’t object to getting exposed to a weird look.

Long sleeves

In this kind of clothing, all the portions of the hand are made to be covered with the same cloth as the dress. The end portions of these long sleeves may contain cuffs and elastic hems, or else they may be opened by keeping a wide cuff.

Quarter-length sleeves

These sleeved wrap dresses will have sleeves that are approximately ¾ of the length of the entire hand. They look very erotic, and this is the most popular style of today’s generation.


This is one of the most followed styles in the case of many dressing styles. I also found this wrap dress with this sleeve style very useful as it will give the best look to the lady who wears it. This sleeve style will expose almost all of your neck. This will be great for people who find it difficult to cover all their bodies due to environmental issues. The most well-known variations of this clothing style are the boat neck, plunge, scoop, and sweetheart.

These dresses are the trend of the present society as they will give the girl the best casual look in terms of a casual party; the best formal look when it comes to a formal party; and the best party look when it is party time.


This wrap clothing plays a major role in making a girl look more beautiful in terms of appearance and attire. These wrap dresses also have different kinds of available sleeve models. We can mix them and use them according to the kind of occasion we are wearing this item and have a beautiful look. Because this provides such a bare look, one should dress in such a way that they wear a bra and pants to maintain a decent appearance. This wrap clothing or wrap dress has no restrictions when it comes to the seasons. These dresses can be worn in any season as they are made with some decent kind of fabric that is sufficiently thicker enough to bare the climatic conditions.


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Updated on: 13-Oct-2022


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