Iconic Feminine Dress of Grace Kelly

Almost as much as her achievements, Grace Kelly is remembered for her sense of style. One of the leading ladies of old Hollywood, Kelly had a particular elegance when she appeared on screen. And a big part of that was because of her classic wardrobe. Kelly preferred elegant dresses and timeless silhouettes, picking well-made items that would last a lifetime.

She donned some of the Academy Awards’ most recognisable gowns, which are still remembered today. Even her casual wear was designer and expertly crafted, just like the outfits she wore onscreen, which went straight into fashion history. And this was only during her days of appearing on the red carpet. Her outfit went into overdrive once she married the Prince of Monaco. Kelly wore everything from luxury clothes to royal ball gowns, and as the years went by, her taste evolved. She developed a more fun style in the 1970s, donning gowns with feather trim and vibrant art pop hues. She then dabbled in excess in the 1980s by wearing extravagant clothing and bright hues. Here are a few of Kelly’s best appearances.

Grace Kelly’s Style

Grace Kelly’s Style can be observed through −

The Circle Skirt

The “New Look,” popularised by Christian Dior, one of Grace’s favourite designers, was a silhouette that featured a fitted bodice, a nipped-in waist, and a full skirt in the 1950s. Grace frequently wore dresses with this silhouette. On St. Patrick’s Day in 1954, the actress was seen reading a copy of MGM’s Studio News while donning a grass-green dress (unknown designer).

Seafoam Gown

Grace Kelly made a statement in a stunning seafoam dress created by renowned Hollywood costume designer Edith Head when she received the Academy Award for Best Actress for “The Country Girl” in 1954. The outfit is grounded by the straightforward, almost plain 1950s purse and little

Resort Costume

In 1948, a photograph of Grace Kelly and her brother Jack Kelly was taken on board the ocean liner American. She donned a dainty hat and a trim black dress with cap sleeves. The former actress and queen completed the ensemble with earrings, a bold necklace, and a dainty bracelet. She added a simple, slender silver belt over the attire for an additional sense of elegance. The royal’s stylish and refined style was highlighted by the black gloves that completed the ensemble. The actress’s short hair allowed her to show off her chic ensemble for the family portrait with her brother.

Collared Shirt and Belted, Tailored Pants

Grace wore this collared top with belted fitted slacks that highlighted her tiny waist just days before leaving Hollywood to marry Prince Rainier III in Monaco in 1956.The “High Society” actress presents a carefree and easy appearance while wearing flats and a printed scarf in her pocket.

Her Wedding Gown

Grace Kelly wore the most perfect dress for a wedding ever. It took 30 seamstresses, six weeks of gruelling work, 25 yards of silk taffeta, vintage rose-point lace, and pearls to make the beautiful attire. It was worth as much as Grace Kelly.

Chiffon Gown That Floats

She donned a flowing chiffon outfit in the Alfred Hitchcock movie “To Catch a Thief.” In his book Spellbound by Beauty: Alfred Hitchcock and His Leading Ladies, Donald Spoto reflects on Alfred Hitchcock’s precise ideas for Grace’s outfit, saying that “Hitch was practically clinical in his notions.” He exclaimed, “Every fashion choice has a purpose.”

Sailor Collar

Kelly wore a black and white dress to the 1954 premiere of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window.” The dress featured a tulip skirt and a sailor collar. Oleg Cassini, who was her companion that night, created her outfit. Cassini is best known for designing “The Jackie Look” and the clothing of First Lady Jackie Kennedy. He is acknowledged as having had one of the greatest individual influences on fashion in history.

Ball Dresses

Kelly attended the Imperial Ball at the Astor Hotel in 1958, while she and her husband served as guests of honour, and she wore a fun outfit. Her dress featured a front organza bow that stole the show, and it was finished off with a bunch of flowers at the knot.

Pregnancy Outfits

Kelly exhibited some of the best maternity fashions. She is seen here attending a gala performance with her husband while sporting a bell-shaped satin brocade evening coat. The outfits that Edith Head and Helen Rose created for these movies demonstrate how everyone was on the same page and moving in unison.

Masked Costume

Kelly, being a member of the royal family, arrived at the Venice masked gala in the Ca’ Rezzonico palazzo in opulent attire. A chain-link face mask, a crystal-detailed veil, and an embroidered cape completed her appearance. The actress had oddly foreshadowed her future role by frequently portraying upper-class, even regal, characters on TV. The marriage of the “Queen of Hollywood” to a real prince gave the media a great story, and it brought attention and tourists to the little principality of Monaco.

Feather-Trimmed Frocks

At the Rothschild Ball held at Chateau de Ferrieres-en-Brie outside of Paris in 1969, Kelly channelled “I Dream of Jeanie.” Her dress featured big bell sleeves with feather trim and a hem finished in feathers.

The Gala Look

Kelly fully embraced the Swinging Sixties at a 1968 Red Cross gala. She donned a thick choker necklace, long bell sleeves that reached her ankles, and a cuff bracelet. But this evening, it was her hair that stood out; a little crown-shaped braid was created around her bun.


To conclude, Grace Kelly is one of the all-time most fashionable icons. The icy-blonde diva disappeared from the big screen at age 26 when she wed Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956, but she left a long-lasting legacy. Her elegant look in the 1950s influenced the fashion for twinset and pearl ensembles and nipped-in waists. The actress-turned-royal was the subject of a full exhibition at the V&A in 2010, which included costumes from her leading roles in Hitchcock’s classics Rear Window and High Society. One of the most renowned wedding gowns ever worn was her classic wedding dress, which was made by Helen Rose, the head costume designer at MGM. She served as the inspiration for Hermès’ Kelly Bag, the pinnacle of prestige symbols.

Updated on: 06-Feb-2023


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