Herve Leger: Bandage Dress Innovation

Herve L. Leroux is French fashion designer who founded Herve Leger fashion house in 1985. Herve Peugnet founded the brand after mastering his designing skills by working in different fashion houses, including “Chanel”, “Chloe”, “Lanvin”, and “Fendi”. Herve gained knowledge about the field and about different shapes of the body, which helped him understand the process of clothing and start his own journey.

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Who is Herve Leroux?

In the journey of designing, Herve learnt a lot in his early stages and then implemented all of his learning. His excellent skills astonished the minds of the audience, and people started believing in his designs. At the age of 23, Herve’s hidden talent was recognized by Karl Lagerfeld, who himself was a famous designer of his time. Karl then started teaching Herve about the field, and with Herve’s growing skills, he founded his own brand, “Herve Leger.” Herve’s designs became very famous all over the world, and many celebrities wore them to big events, including Cindy Crawford, Mariah Carey, Rita Wilson, and many more. He was a master at designing bodycon dresses, which were very attractive and vibrant.

The Origin of Herve Leger

Herve Leger was a fashion house that was originally founded by Herve Peugnet. Due to the difficulty in pronouncing Herve’s surname, Karl Lagerfeld insisted on changing his company’s name to “Herve Leger”. Before opening his own brand, Herve had gained so much international popularity due to his different perspective. In that era, it was the time of body-conscious dresses. Herve broadened the shoulders of jackets and shortened the length of jackets, as well as dresses, skirts, and increased jewelry, putting him into controversy.

But after some time, Herve introduced body-con dresses to the world. His designs became famous all over the world. This was the time when Hervé gained popularity. The biggest difference in Hervé’s design was the process of making it. His dresses were never woven; instead, they were knit. With his popularity, Herve was also acquired by BCBG Max Azria Group from Seagram’s Group. This acquisition was given by an American designer, and Herve’s was the first to acquire it. His company started growing in America as well, where he gained so much reach and popularity.

In 2007, the Herve Leger brand was relaunched by Max Azria under its own design direction. Max Azria also presented Herve Leger at Byrant Park during the Fall 2008 “New York Fashion Week”.

Iconic Works

Herve Leger is a famous brand, which is popular across the world. Herve’s designs were worn by different celebrities at big events. Some of his most famous designs are listed below:

In 1993, at the 65th Annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles, Cindy Crawford wore a dress designed by Herve Leger. The dress was white in color, with floor-length height.

In 1995, a black square-neckline dress, designed by Herve Leger, was worn by Rita Wilson on the occasion of the 67th Academy Awards. The dress looked gorgeous, and the moment became an iconic one.

In 2003, Kim Kardashian West wore a red bandaged dress designed by Herve Leger. According to Kin, she was obsessed with that particular dress and often wore Herve’s dresses on big occasions.

In 2007, in the 2007 Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer Show, Victoria Beckham wore a silver and purple body-fit dress. The dress was designed by Herve Leger. The colour combination was amazing and made the look bright and noticeable.

Gisele Bundchen wore a Herve Leger-designed bandage dress during the 2010 Ipanema footwear collection. The dress looked flattering on Gisele.

In 2013: In 2013, Miranda Kerr wore Herve’s designed pink body-con dress. The dress was worn for her appearance on Fox & Friends.

Herve Leger was famous for his unique pattern dress, known as the bandage dress. His uniqueness differentiated him from others and made him creative.


Herve L. Leroux played a very important role in the fashion industry by inventing bandage dresses. His identity is known to everyone even now. His work with the body-con designs made a big difference in people’s thinking. This increased people’s self-esteem and physical attractiveness. Herve made himself unique and his creative work, even after coming into controversy, became famous across the whole world. His innovations are worn by youngsters even in today’s era.


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