Why do we need Computer Networks?

In today’s technology-oriented world, sharing has become an integral part of businesses and other activities. This sharing can be achieved by networking. A computer network is linking two or more computers in order to share files or resources.

Here, we will see why we need computer networks in more detail below −

To share computer files

Networks enable users to share files with others. For example, in a company, one file is to be shared by multiple branches. When we locate this file on the network system, all the branches can use this file.

To share computer equipment

Laser printers and large hard-disk drives can be expensive. Networks enable users to share such equipment by networking microcomputers or workstations together.

To enable unlike computer equipment to communicate

A company with computers of multiple uses using several operating systems, including MS-DOS, UNIX, WINDOWS 95, and Apple DOS, cannot share files from one computer to another unless arranged using a Networking operating system including Network 4.1 or Windows NT 4.0.

To improve communication speed and accuracy

Sending messages through networks is virtually instantaneous, and there is also less chance of a message being lost.

To reduce the cost of data transfer

The cost of transfers of files using computers associated with networks is less expensive than other traditional means like telegrams.

Verify Data Transfer

Fluctuations of costs in foreign exchange and shares can be broadcasted promptly using the channel of computer communications. The transmission can be increased and checked at any occurrence of time.

High Reliability

All files can be recreated on a few machines, and therefore if one of them is unavailable (because of hardware failure), the different copies can be used.