Why do the employers interview a candidate before selection?

Every organization wants the best of employees to be a part of it. This requires a sound and effective recruitment system. The selection process is an integral part of recruitment. The selection involves two main methods - 1) Assessments/Tests and 2) Interview. The assessments and tests are basically examinations that shall include logical reasoning, ability-based tests, subject-based tests, etc that check the Knowledge component of the candidate.

An interview which generally happens after these tests is a face-to-face question-answer based assessment/ meeting that happens to qualify the candidate for the final placement. It is very important to conduct a face to face interview before the selection of the candidate. This interview is also typically conducted by a panel of experts or seniors in the subject to assess the knowledge of the candidate.

Checking the skills

While written examinations or tests conducted before the interview help in understanding the knowledge and understanding of the person, it is through the interview that the skills of the candidates get analyzed and evaluated by the interviewer (s).These skills include-communication, situation handling, leadership, collaborative work, planning, execution, etc. A person with mere knowledge is handicapped as she/he cannot bring the work targets into reality without the required amount of skill.

Verification of the details

Before the interview, there is a lot of data that reaches the interviewer (s) regarding the candidate which include the CV, assessment data, the institution where s/he has studied or the past organization where their work happened. An interview serves as a verification platform for the employer to check on all these points and analyze any false or invalid point presented by the candidate. It acts as a Check for understanding at a face to face level.

Checking the status of the person

The interview significantly assists in understanding the mental as well as physical health of a person. Is the person facing some acute illness that will affect his/ her performance in the organization? Did the person have a background of extreme depression or anxiety? This is mainly because some jobs can be extremely daunting and the employee has to stay fit and healthy to meet the targets and deadlines.

Clarification of the job description

The interview ultimately aims at recruiting a candidate. In the interview, the job description is again elaborated by the interviewer in different patterns so as to get a confirmation from the prospective employee if there is any doubt about the job profile. It helps in getting full clarity about the job. E.g. the job profile of programmer which is offered to a fresh Computer Science graduate, has to be explained in detail because the candidate is a fresher from college and does not have any previous working experience.