Answer the following question-1. Why we need food?2. Do all living things eat the same kind of food?

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1.)Living organisms take/need food because it provides the energy that helps in boosting our body's internal functions, repairs, builds, and maintains cells and body tissues. It also supports the external activities that enable you to interact with the physical world.

Living organisms ingest food through mouth and food is digested inside the digestive system. The food is being treated with several enzymes and acids. The digested food is then absorbed through the intestine. This absorbed nutrients from food provide energy to the body.

Water is the body's most important nutrient, which helps in carrying out the chemical reactions that produce energy from food.

2.)No, all living beings do not need the same kind of food. They have different food requirements. 

Depending on food requirements, the living is grouped into three categories:

a.Herbivores: Those animals that eat only plants or plant products like fruits and vegetables. Examples- Cow, Goat, Horse, Rabbit, etc.

b.Carnivores: Those animals that eat other animals. Examples- Lion, Tiger, Snake, etc.

c.Omnivores: Those animals that eat both plants and animals. Examples- Crow, Cat, Dog, etc.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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