Which is the best air conditioner brand in the price range of Rs.30,000 to Rs.50,000 in India?

As Summer is soon approaching and temperatures are soaring high, it is common to start looking for a better Air conditioner that is amicably priced and suit your needs. As you are asking for the best brands between Rs.30,000 to Rs.50,000 in India, I suggest that it is always better to go for 5-Star BEE rating. The 5-Star rated electrical products consume less electricity, which means it's good for your pocket and for the environment as well.

Here are some prominent brands with their special features.

ProductRatingCapacityPower ConsumptionAdditional featuresCost
Voltas 185 Cya5 Star1.5 ton1438 W
  • Anti-Dust filter
  • Anti-bacterial filter
  • Auto-restart feature
32k – 35k
Voltas 185 EY(R) Executive type5 Star1.5 ton1438 W
  • Anti-Dust filter
  • Anti-bacterial filter with Catechin filter
  • Anti-fungal filter
  • Self-diagnosis feature and turbo mode
  • Auto-restart feature
42k – 46k
Blue Star 5HW18SA15 Star1.5 ton1500 W
  • Anti-bacteria filter
40k – 43k
Godrej GSC18FG6BNG5 Star1.5 ton1350 W
  • Anti-bacterial filter with Catechin filter
  • Memory function feature with auto-start
  • Many modes of operation
37k – 50k
Samsung AR12HV5NBWK5 Star1 ton910 W
  • Anti-Bacteria filter with Catechin filter
  • Auto clean/blow function
  • Auto-restart mode
39k – 42k

Hope this helps you!