Which is better front loading or top loading washing machine?

When it comes to buying a washing machine, many people get this doubt -- "Which is better, a front-loading machine or a top loading washing machine?"

I will discuss the advantages of both and leave it for you to decide which one suits your requirements.

Front load machines

  • They use less water comparatively than top loading machines, and they accommodate more clothes than a top load machine because usually, the drum of front load machine is larger.

  • Cycle time is more and washing is also done more efficiently and delicately. Wear and tear of clothes will be less.

Top load machines

  • Top load machines have the facility to soak the clothes which is not possible in a front load machine. In this way, they use less detergent.

  • You can add clothes even after you started the cycle. You cannot do that in a front load, because water will spill out when you open the door. (Door is locked anyway).

  • Less expensive and longevity is more when compared to front load machines.

You can select any of these based on your laundry needs and preferences.