Which Indian dish should you try this week?

I like south Indian Dish "Bisi Bele Bath". I used to eat this when I stayed in Banglore. This is a typical Kannada dish and it is available even in small Udipi hotels in Karnataka. After coming back from Banglore, I have not eaten it again.

This Sunday, I have decided to make Bisi Bele bath at home and enjoy. I always follow recipes on Hebbar's kitchen in youtube. I saw the recipe and kept all the ingredients ready.

I started preparing it and soon the entire house is filled with the aroma of Bisi Bele Bath. My husband came running to the kitchen "what is that? smelling so yummy?". Once he tasted the food, he fell in love all over again with me and my cooking.

Here is the recipe for you, to create magic on next weekend.

  • Take rice and toor dal in the ratio 1:4 and cook them till done smoothly.

  • Cook vegetables (beans, carrots, potato) with 2 tbsp peanuts and little turmeric and salt separately.

  • Add half cup tamarind extract with a pinch of jaggery and one onion pieces to the cooked vegetables and simmer for 5 minutes.

  • Add these vegetables to cooked rice and dal. Add one more cup of water and simmer for 10 mins.

  • Now add the magic, the Bisi Bele bath powder to the rice and cook for five more mins.

  • Take one spoon of ghee, put some mustard seeds, jeera, and hing and prepare the tadka and add it to the cooked rice.

Your Bisi Bele bath is ready. Serve it with fried cashews and boondi topping and some more ghee.