Where can a child learn moral values from?

Everyone can be inculcated with ethical humane values. They can be taught to us by the parents, teachers, friends and even strangers. But, instilling values in children deserves to have enough time from parents.

Ways To Teach Moral Values To Children

  • A good way of teaching moral values is to practice what you preach. This lesson is for the parents, who should not give lectures, rather be a proper example for their children.

  • The Internet is flooded with content serves as a valuable tool also nowadays.

  • A child is known to learn faster and inculcate important social values when raised in a joint family. The elders are a storehouse of wisdom. One can learn many ethical values from them.

  • Knowledge can not only be acquired from books, institutions, but also from things around us including nature. Make nature of your teacher.

Not only we, the elders, can teach and impart moral values to our kids but the society, environment, and every other thing. There is no end to learning, it is an ongoing process.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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