Should moral education be made a compulsory subject in schools?

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Moral Education or Value Education is becoming an important subject these days in school both at the elementary and secondary level. Moral Education from an early age aims to teach values like respect, ownership, teamwork, empathy, humility, etc.

These are the values that are being taught to the kids within the curriculum of the school.

It is extremely important that this subject remains an indispensable part of the school learning for the kids due to these reasons:

  • Importance in learning − Holistic learning is not just about academics, getting good grades, attractive jobs, and placements. It lies within the four walls of the classroom and much more beyond it. The cultivation morals and ethics in the children build the personality of the child in a manner that he/she develops responsibility and empathy towards others. It shifts the paradigm from being individualistic to contributing to the larger society.

  • Connecting it to responsible citizenship − Moral education helps start the process of creating responsible citizenship among the students and helps them find the solutions to the problems that persist in the country. The teachers are molding them to be the change-makers of the country.

  • Teaching values from various events, personalities, and sciences − While Moral education is generally considered as a different subject, we cannot compartmentalize as an independent discipline. Here the values and ethics are taught to the students based on various life experiences, through environment and nature, various important personalities like Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi and many others. From a young age, the children are able to get exposure to different disciplines and also being able to connect to its moral aspect.

  • Thinking − Moral Education also helps in developing critical thinking among the students as they tend to become more rational and understanding of the situation around them. Do they start questioning why? Factor and also the ethical and unethical practices in the society and the nation e.g. if the child is taught honestly in school, it shall link to be a citizen who shall keep transparency in work and not give in to corruption.

Updated on 27-Jun-2020 13:40:04