What significance does ‘Panchatantra’ has in teaching kids moral values?

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You must teach your children the right things from a very early age so that they grow up with strong moral values. Panchatantra is one such collection of short stories that we all grew up listening to. But, with changing times the trend of Panchatantra storytelling is getting lost somewhere. I would narrate the Panchatantra tales to my little one by showing him the colorful pictures at the same time, and not only that he would enjoy hearing the stories, but is also a cultured individual now. Let's see the significance Panchatantra has in teaching kid's moral values.

  • It teaches you how to keep yourself motivated even in helpless situations. "The Crow and the Pitcher" is one such story that proves how you can stay strong in tricky situations by keeping your calm, use your mind over emotions, and find a way for survival.

  • The tale of "The Wolf and the Crane" prepares us to be cautious and observant. It teaches us to be beware of wicked people and so we must keep our eyes and ears open at all times.

  • With "The Crocodile and the Monkey" tale we learned the significance of keeping cool in tough situations. It teaches us how panic leaves us nowhere, but keeping any worries under control can help us get through all difficulties.

  • "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" story is the perfect example for those who do not understand the importance of trust. This tale teaches us once someone's trust is broken how difficult it is to get it back. Lying can help you survive only for a short time, but if it becomes a regular habit you can easily lose friends in the long run.

  • The story of "The Thief and the Giant Brahmin" teaches us how to choose friends and enemies smartly. It proves how the hostility between two people can be advantageous for a third person.

Published on 09-Jan-2019 13:07:41