WhatsApp’s new ‘Status’ tab feature to share Images and Videos

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WhatsApp, or to say “WhatsApp: the wonderful messaging app”, remember there was a time people were going crazy for BBM, and then we had this WhatsApp which made BBM look so boring and limited text messages. Although there were many other messaging apps like WeChat or Line, but WhatsApp never backed out, just to become the leading messaging app till date.

Today, WhatsApp is a popular messaging application used by more than a billion of people across 180 countries, everyone with a smartphone installs WhatsApp the second they wish to share. As we all know, not just messages but we can easily and instantly send pictures, videos, audio messages, locations, documents and PDF files to any WhatsApp user with registered mobile numbers.

Improved Features in WhatsApp

We all are very well acquainted with all the features of WhatsApp after all it is owned by Facebook what else shall we expect but the best. WhatsApp is always busy adding new features to its latest version sometimes by including features like attaching documents, PDF files or simply by adding new emoji.

today, we are talking about the latest feature of WhatsApp, no it’s not the video calling feature that we all are desperately waiting for, remember how there was a message that always read to install video chats send this to 20 people, but still we never got a hold on video calling services? Yes, that’s because it was never released. Okay, coming back to the topic again, the new feature.

The New Status Feature

This new feature will allow all WhatsApp users to keep videos and images as their status along with some customized elements like some emoji or doodles which will last only for 24 hours. Now, that’s interesting, I have always like the ‘status’ option in WhatsApp.

You change your status according to your mood, a jolly status for a happy mood, a depressed status for a sad mood, a rocking song or some very good news and sometimes the bad ones too. Not just changing status, but the best time pass is reading other’s status; this is not being poky but this way we know what is going on in other’s life, if they are happy it’s great and if not you can at least be with them.

Features same as Instagram

Now, if you remember this feature sounds very familiar, that’s because a similar feature was earlier introduced for Instagram, yes Facebook announced this picture sharing feature in August. Also, these stories closely look like Snapchat stories, remember this feature marked a massive growth in this messaging app.

Coming back to WhatsApp, it is now testing the new feature, and the best part is, this feature is already hidden in the app’s latest beta build version for Android phone and iOS. So, all the beta testers with the new iPhone or with an Android feature can try it right now. The wait is over, just go ahead and try now.

Hidden Secret Features

Before going into other details of this new status feature, let’s have a quick sneak peak on some of the existing WhatsApp features that you were not aware about. To end your curiosity let’s just start the list already.

Begone, blue ticks − Yes, it is possible to remove the blue ticks from your chats stating that you haven’t read the messages yet. You can turn them off but mind it, you too can’t see if your messages have been read or not.

  • iOS − Settings > Account > Privacy > Toggle off Read Receipts.
  • Android − Settings > Account > Privacy > Untick Read Receipts.

Change words to Bold, Italic or Simply strike through

Sometimes we want to mark words as bold or we just want to show how we actually feel but simple texts are of no help, and we need these bold or strike through or italic fonts. Well, we always had it, but never used it.

  • Add an asterisk either side of the word or phrase for *bold*.
  • Add an underscore either side of the word or phrase for _italic_.
  • Add tiles to either side of the word or phrase for ~strike-through~.

Other Amazing Features

  • Add important dates to your calendar through WhatsApp − Yes, if you can’t remember important dates and you are too lazy to mark them on your calendar you can easily create an event on WhatsApp, but this feature is available only for iOS users. iOS: Press and hold date within chat > Create Event.
  • Mark read chats as unread − Sometimes you read a message but you simply forget to reply or maybe you just don’t want to reply, well in that case you can simply mark the messages as unread.

These are the steps −

  • Android − Long press chat > Open Menu > Mark as Unread
  • iOS − Chats > Swipe left to right > Mark as Unread
  • Save your data pack − If all your data is drained away due to heavy WhatsApp usage, you can always take care of it. Yes, this feature allows you to customize your settings such that all the media and files are not downloaded automatically and limit data usage during calls. iOS and Android: Settings>Data Usage
  • Stop others from peeking into your messages − We all have that one friend or relative, who is very much interested in going through our messages and chats. Don’t worry, you can always turn off the message preview and stop other from going through your messages.

However, this feature is available only for iOS users and not for Android users. But you can still use your lock screen, the patterns and passwords to protect your chats. iOS: Settings > Notifications > Toggle off Show Preview

There are many more interesting and secret features of WhatsApp, which are not mentioned here and I leave it on you guys to explore those and share it with me and others too.

How to use the new Status Feature

As mentioned earlier this status feature is already available in the latest beta build versions. The status icon appears between the Chats and Calls icon. You will see a new button is present near the upper right corner of the app just like three-fourths of a circle and a plus sign. Just tap on that button, and share new status post.

Seems like WhatsApp is busy giving the best it can to its users and in this pace it looks like it will always remain the most popular messaging app. Every time you post a status; it is automatically shared with everyone in your contacts.

You can capture images and videos already stored in your smartphone’s media library. Once you select the image o video you want to post, you can simply customize them by doodling or by adding some text along with some caption to the status post.

Who can see my Status?

After you update your status post, remember that you cannot delete it before 24 hours. It will be automatically removed after this time span, but once you have posted it you cannot set its time span or change it to other posts. Yes, but you can always choose the audience.

With all these additional features, you have the choice to either select which of your contacts can see this status update or you can just simply select all and then pick out those you want to exclude. With this exciting new feature just can’t wait to try this new version of WhatsApp already!

Updated on 20-Apr-2022 07:49:17