What’s the connection between Java and Blockchain?

Blockchain has become a buzz word in the recent times. It is being tried to be implemented in every software for various purposes, to check how it would work efficiently given different scenarios. It is a decentralized technology. It basically is data that is digital in nature and every piece of data is known as a transaction. Hence, the date, time and amount of that specific transaction is stored in the blockchain. Every block is unique due to the unique code it has, that is also known as ‘hash’. It is created with the help of different specialized algorithms.

Investors are trying to invest their capital in this domain due to the growing demand for such an advanced technology. Many different programming languages could be used to implement blockchain technology, but Java has been considered as one of the top languages to work with block chain. Many frameworks in Java have been built with the purpose of making them work with blockchain.

Java is being considered since it is an object-oriented language as well as common. There are minimal dependencies on implementation, hence the demand.

There are many frameworks in Java that are currently in use with block chain. A few of them have been listed below.

  • Hyperledger fabric: Built by Linux, it is an enterprise solution that mainly helps in creating and merging smart contracts.

  • BitcoinJ: It is a method in which bitcoin wallet ( a type of cryptocurrency) can be created, and the transactions associated with this wallet can be managed.