Difference between Connection-oriented and Connection-less Services

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Connection-oriented and Connection-less Services are used to establish connections between two or more devices.

Connection-oriented Services

Connection-oriented Services, are similar to telephone system where parties use handshake method to establish connection between sender and receiver. These services include connection establishment and connection termination.

Connection-less Services

Connection-less Services, are similar to postal system where packets moves from one party to another without establishing a connection first. These services do not include connection establishment and connection termination.

Following are the important differences between Connection-oriented and Connection-less Services.

Sr. No.KeyConnection-oriented ServicesConnection-less Services
1AnalogyConnection-oriented Services are similar to Telephone System.Connection-less Services are similar to Postal System.
2UsageConnection-oriented Services are used in long and steady communication networks.Connection-less Services are used in volatile networks.
3CongestionNo Congestion in Connection-oriented Service.Congestion is quiet possible in Connection-less Services.
4ReliablilityConnection-oriented Service are highly reliable.In Connection-less Services, no guarantee of reliablity.
5Packet RoutingIn Connection-oriented Service, packets follows same route.In Connection-less Services, packets can follow any route.
Published on 26-Nov-2019 11:45:45