What's the best place for python classes in a Django project?

Django is one of the frameworks used along with python to create the web pages in an efficient manner. It is also called as the framework included with batteries why because by default the Django framework gives the admin interface and database interface like SQLite 3 etc. It also provides us the default readymade components namely user authentication handling like sign in, signup and sign out. It provides the management panel for our website, forms, uploading the files etc.

Why are we using the Django framework?

Django is known for its scalability and comprehensive documentation. This framework is used by some of the world's leading multinational corporations (MNC's), including Google, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox, and Spotify.

  • It is one of the easiest frameworks to learn and comes with a wide range of pre-built components to meet user requirements.

  • Furthermore, it drastically reduces development time due to its powerful features.

  • But perhaps the most compelling reason why Django has become so popular is because it allows developers to leverage Python capabilities such as web scraping, machine learning, scientific computing and image processing in their web applications.

Django project structure

Django project by default with some basic files such as manage.py, view.py etc. Let’s see the major files one by one.

  • manage.py file − By using this file, we can interact with the project using the command line. If we want to get the entire commands of this file use the below code in the command line window.

python manage.py help
  • _init_.py file − This file is one of the python files. This is the initialization file created in the python. This file usually executes the initialization code.

  • settings.py − In the name itself we can see settings. That means it is used to apply the settings of the web application that we want to create. This contains our static files. Data configuration details etc.

  • urls.py − In this file we will save all the links that we want to include in the web page we are creating.

  • wsgi.py − This file helps to communicate with the web server. We can deploy the code in the WSGI.

Advantages of Django

  • Django apps can be used again and again.

  • One Django application can be used in multiple tasks.

  • In Django app we have all the components individually.

  • On Django components multiple developers can work.

  • In Django debugging of code is very easy.

  • Django has a debugger tool which makes the developer work easy.

  • Django has some predefined in-built features like admin pages etc. By using them there is no need to build the code from the scratch.

  • We can create the code in different files of the Django in the format of classes. As we already knew that the class has more advantages and uses when compared to the functions.

Advantages of python class

  • The classes help us to make the data and methods to be together in one place, to make our code in an organized way.

  • We can use the classes in the way of inheritance, so that rewriting of code will be reduced.

  • Classes help us to override the code of a standard operator.

  • They also help us to make the code look more reliable and efficient.

  • Readability of code will be high, if we use the classes in our programming language.

Updated on: 15-May-2023


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