What are the Best eLearning Project Management Software?

Good organization is key to training and development success, especially when everyone has a lot on their plate. We've compiled a list of our favorite eLearning project management software to help you sort through all the options. Have a look and select the one that's right for you.

E-Learning Project Management Software: Why You Should Use Them?

While eLearning project management tools are used for a variety of reasons, here are some benefits to consider −

Manage your business's learning journey easily - The most widely recognized benefit of an eLearning project management tool is that it allows you to effectively manage your business's learning process. Choosing a learning management system, storyboarding your eLearning course, and designing graphics can all be done with a learning management system. Easily access all the information your team needs.

No matter what size your team is, collaborating harmoniously is difficult. It's easier with a project management tool. Keeping track of everyone's roles and tasks assigned, and breaking bigger teams down into more manageable chunks is easy with this tool. Your projects run more smoothly when everyone knows what they need to do.

Resources should be shared - Tracking team members are challenging enough, but keeping track of the work they do can be difficult! Project management tools make it easy. You can easily access all of your important documents because they are stored together.

Tools for Managing ELearning Projects

Listed below are our favorite eLearning project management tools. While some help manages more minor tasks, others are more holistic. Here are some of the things you can find −


With Wrike, big teams can easily manage their projects. You and your team can devise and plan your training strategy from conception to execution with its impressive features. With the Gantt chart feature, your team can easily track every stage with a visual timeline. It's also possible to customize your teams' workflows and groups. Zapier, Box, and others are just a few tools you can integrate with.


Among the best project management tools today, Asana is visually appealing and clean. There's more to Asana than just its pretty face. It offers plenty of features that make it a powerful tool. In terms of task management and task assignment, it is one of the best. It's remarkably easy to see who's doing what, which makes your team aware of their specific responsibilities.


Probably the most universal project management tool on the market, Trello is one we have used and frequently talk about. Using its drag-and-drop functionality, moving tasks is a breeze. It takes only a few clicks to assign a task to a team member. In addition, boards ensure that each team or project runs smoothly without interference from outside sources. It offers a free option and a paid option based on your needs - perfect for growing companies.


In its original form, Teamwork was a system for managing projects. Now it's a platform for collaborative work as well. You can manage your projects with Teamwork Projects, manage documents with Teamwork Spaces, support your helpdesk with Teamwork Desk, communicate with your team with Teamwork Chat, and manage sales with Teamwork CRM. Many small businesses and solopreneurs use Teamwork, including Disney, Spotify, Netflix, and others.


The social learning and development team uses Basecamp as a project management tool. The tool has many of the same features as other tools, as well as some pleasant differences. Chats can be had, feedback can be requested, and roadblocks can be overcome together on message boards. Additionally, the whole team can be reached via a chatroom. A daily question can also be posted automatically to your entire team. By asking your team what tasks they have completed or what ideas they have for courses of future eLearning, you open up a discussion among them.


There is also Monday.com, formerly known as dapulse. You can use it to create to-do lists, communicate with your team, and keep track of statuses. You can also download and use lots of practical planning management templates. There are many options available for training teams, including employee onboarding, content planning, and video production.


Evernote is a favorite among many of our team members for eLearning project planning. Those who meticulously make lists will appreciate Evernote. Lists, notes, checklists, and all essential files can be accessed from one place. Additionally, you can use these features to collaborate and share files across teams.


In addition to your team juggling tasks, eLearning projects often require outside assistance. Calendly can help with that. Calendly is a tool for scheduling meetings that provides a simple concept delivered in an incredibly effective manner. With it, your team's scheduling is automated so it's clear who's available, meetings can be capped per day, etc.


The original cloud storage tool, Dropbox is aptly described as a single place for sharing and accessing files. Using it for file sharing is fool proof. Creating eLearning content that only certain team members can access is a great way to control access. When you use Dropbox, you can rest assured that your files are secure, accessible, and safe.


There are challenges that come with working remotely with colleagues and teams. File transfers up to 2GB are free with WeTransfer. Just upload and send. Sharing files with colleagues or external users who don't have access to your shared storage is a breeze with it. As an example, a topic expert may need to send a file for a course. You can transfer 20GB if needed with WeTransfer Plus, a paid plan.


ELearning planners can benefit from Coggle's simple yet effective tools. The mind map can be used for planning, brainstorming, sharing data, and brain dumping. In one convenient, visually pleasing place, your entire team can work on the same mind map. You can share your mind maps with anyone via PDF or PNG.


It is a valuable tool for collaborating and organizing work in teams. For real-time collaboration between eLearning teams, Airtable is a flexible spreadsheet and database solution. Suitable for remote or out-of-office teams, it works seamlessly on desktop and mobile devices. You can always stay up-to-date on the latest project developments with all changes synchronized across devices.


A good tool enhances your team and saves you time. Your business might benefit from one or more of these. Try them out. Experiment with different tools if you want to get the best results. This tool is sure to improve your learning and development team's productivity, smarts, and speed. Let us know in the comments if we missed any of your favorite tools.