What is the SAC Code for Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is important for the success of any company, brand, goods, or operation. With the proliferation of advertising mediums, the tax reporting of a single medium gets more complicated. Let's go over the GST taxability provisions for advertising services.

SAC in Digital Marketing/Advertising

In India, the SAC code system is used to identify, categorize, quantify, and determine whether GST is applicable to services. GST applies to all forms of promotion (sale of space in digital and print media). Promotional services are classified into two groups for Federal tax purposes −

  • Advertisements via digital technology

  • Traditional print promotion

Traditional marketing is a popular technique of marketing. This advertising can be seen in weekly or monthly publications, and they are occasionally included in pamphlets or leaflets. Banner ads in newspapers are subject to a 5% GST.

Is there any Tax Implication when Advertising Firms give Commercials?

A marketing firm is a company that plans, creates, and manages ads for its consumers.

An advertising firm can operate on two levels −

1. When any Ad Agency works on Structural Loads

Whenever an advertising agency purchases material from news outlets and offers it to its customers for commercial gain on its own credit), it is obligated to assess GST.

When an advertising firm (as an operator) works on a contractual basis. If a marketing company purchases material from the publication and promotes it to customers in favor of something like the publication, it is required to pay GST just at the rate of 18% mostly on service charges earned out from news publication.

Assume a marketing company offers spaces to a customer on account of a site (not through their own account) for Rupees. 2000, and earns Rs. 300 compensation from the company. In this situation, the marketing company must pay 18% GST here on Rs. 300 sales bonus (Rs. 54).

2. Who is Responsible for Paying GST if the Advertisement Service is Provided by a Designated User Outside of India?

The provider is responsible for paying the government's taxes under standard tax regulations (forward payment method). Yet, only in certain circumstances, the beneficiary is obligated to pay taxes to the federal government.

According to Announcement No. 10/2017- Consolidated Tax (Rate), the care offered by anybody residing in a non-taxed area to anyone who is not a non-taxable internet receiver is chargeable under RCM.

As a result, if a resident of India purchases advertising services from a person beyond India, the beneficiary of such activities must pay the GST responsibility to the administration.

Can a Person believe a Tax Credit for Inputs for Advertising Networks?

The largest benefit of GST nowadays for all producers, merchants, and telecommunications companies is the use of the input tax credit (ITC). The ITC is the property tax by a firm on an acquisition that may be utilized to decrease its tax burden when it sells. Marketing companies spend a lot of money on machinery, pictures, and technologically advanced items. They are qualified for the credit for income earned upon these supplies if they are GST recognized.

Is GST Payable when Blogging gives Advertising Space?

To further comprehend this, examine the Google Ad scenario. Commercial space will be made accessible by a weblog. Companies will compete for ad space in a live auction. The highest-paid advertisements will be displayed on the author's domain.

A blogger is a person that provides internet space for businesses to display adverts. Bloggers are deemed service providers since they provide a channel for marketers to showcase their advertisements.

Writer's services are classified as Online Information and Database Access or Retrieval (OIDAR).

Is it Included in the Services being Exported?

Section 2(6) of the IGST Act 2017 defines the export of services as the supply of any provider when the distributor is in India and the person receiving was out of India.

Blogger goods are deemed exports since the service supplier (columnists) is based in India, the recipient (Google Adsense) is located outside of India, and the location of supply is situated even outside India.

Export of services is negligible supply, according to Section 16(1)(a) of the IGST Act 2017. That is, blogs are supplying Google Ad Sense and Google YouTube with single-digit products in return for putting advertisements on their blogs and Videos online.

SAC Codes


Services for Branding


On charge, buying or trading of commercials over a period of time.


Print products or services are for sale (except on commission)


Commercial time on television and radio is being sold.


Sale of the Internet through Advertising


Online marketing space for sale Other advertisement space or time for sale (except on commission)

What Does SAC Code 998313 Encompass?

  • Give customers professional assistance or a medical opinion on information technology-related issues, including computer and application needs and acquisition, network administration, information protection, or expert witnesses upon Well matters.

  • Offer secondary hardware and software and replica software at a different place to allow a customer to transfer regular workers in the instance of a calamity such as a wildfire or a disaster to continue and sustain ordinary computerised activities.

  • Assists a customer with particular desktop concerns such as monitoring, analysing, and reporting a host, protocol, or system for aspects, capability, speed, or privacy.


All utilized descriptive from providers of commodities or services have to contain the appropriate HSN or SAC code, according to the GST Act. The SAC code stands for "Service Accounting Code," and it was created by the service national treasury. SAC was quickly adopted by GST, and both pertain to online and consulting services for software development.

998314 is the SAC code for open-source software construction, which is associated with business consulting or services related to information technology such as customized software innovation.

Available resources are classified by SAC code. Yet, there are certain products that are not covered by a specific SAC code. In certain software engineering scenarios, when SAC codes appear to be inappropriate for specific services, a proper HSN code really should be provided in the tax bills.

Updated on: 04-May-2023

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