What is the digital marketing strategy for ICO?

On the blockchain, there are infinite ways to raise money. But one of the most difficult and obviously most complicated tasks is creating and marketing an ICO. It integrates numerous other strategies, including mining, trading, marketing, and liquidity extraction, making it exceedingly complex. However, because of the tremendous risk-to-reward ratio of ICOs, an increasing number of businesses are failing. The startup's ICO generated $4 billion in 2017.

In 2019, the figure increased significantly, topping $14 billion. Despite its intricacy, marketing is the single most important component that determines an ICO's likelihood of success.

This is thus because while marketing contains some moving pieces, many of the procedures involved are stationary. For processes like mining and distribution, there are standard tools and solutions. But you need a proactive and results-driven crypto marketing strategy if you want to constantly build demand and outperform the competition. Brand credibility also depends on marketing. It is highly challenging to persuade investors by proving the authenticity and trustworthiness of an ICO without a sound marketing plan. However, content marketing is considered as one of the most reliable techniques to establish a reputation by 81% of firms who have employed it. In an ICO, a startup or business offers a cryptocurrency as a token to attract seed investors and raise money.

Tools for ICO Marketing

Using these 7 marketing strategies, you may raise demand for your ICO −

  • Whitepapers creation

  • A properly structured and designed website

  • Calendar Listing of ICO

  • Working on Press releases

  • Having Bounty Programs

  • Executing Affiliate Marketing

  • Email Marketing

1. Whitepapers Creation

A thorough and results-driven white paper is required for an ICO to create enough buzz and justify itself. This gives potential investors a thorough understanding of what your ICO project does, how it functions, and why it merits their money.

An ICO white paper resembles a business plan more than a research document. It must exude confidence, be laser-focused, and most crucially, excite potential investors.

The following are the key components to mention −

  • Your initiatives and unique ideas

  • Impressive team credentials; 

  • The amount of funding needed for the project; 

  • The potential return on investment (ROI) for investors (with significant projections);

  • The token distribution plan; corporate social responsibility; 

  • The prevention of illegal activity; and 

  • Amazing design with practical visual elements.

Consider your ICO tale as an opportunity to actively market your whitepaper as you write it. You will want to present my best self here.

A properly Structured and Designed Website

94% of prospective investors will visit your website and form an opinion of your brand at this point. Your site design experience is also crucial to the path down the conversion funnel.

Prior to presenting your whitepaper, your website should serve as a condensed version of it and highlight the main benefits of your ICO for prospective investors. However, not just the text but also the website's design components should receive more focus. It must have a visually appealing layout, SEO-friendly components, and attention-grabbing images.

Calendar Listing of ICO

You can seek investors for your ICO by searching trustworthy ICO directories. Each database has its own specifications for posting. However, typically, it calls for information like −

  • ICO project name;

  • Token information;

  • ICO website; and

  • Your contact data;

Enter any calendars as you can to get the most visibility. To start with, CoinSchedule, CoinGecko, and ICOCalendar are three decent options.

Working on Press Releases

Press releases are another effective approach to using content marketing to attract readers to your ICO. A press release is a brief, expertly crafted news item that is disseminated across a network of news websites and highlights significant corporate happenings that the public should be aware of. If you are successful in running a successful campaign, the bitcoin community will learn about your press release very fast.

To let investors know crucial information about your items, you might think about putting out routine press releases through selected news outlets. They might also be published on other third-party websites, social media accounts, and blogs that you want to share with your audience in addition to the original website that publishes them.

Having Bounty Programs

Incentives of all kinds can be utilized to draw in more investors. Bounty programs enable us to provide a variety of rewards to support your ICO and encourage behaviors that produce insightful data.

These activities include publishing material, disseminating links on social media, and finding faults in software. Consider CPA campaigns that provide tokens as prizes for accomplishing specified activities, or airdrop campaigns that release free tokens on various blockchain networks to entice potential investors.

Executing Affiliate Marketing

Another program that develops action-oriented rewards with an emphasis on lead generation and revenue is affiliate marketing. Affiliates who generate leads and sales are compensated through affiliate marketing.

They manage all aspects of your marketing initiatives, from maintaining your ads to improving your sales copy to boost conversion rates. Simply compensate them for any sales or other demonstrable results they produce.

Email Marketing

A straightforward yet engaging newsletter can help draw in new investors and maintain the interest of current ones. By encouraging people to sign up for your newsletter, you may create an email list for them.

Cover all phases of the buyer's journey when developing your email marketing strategy for optimum impact, to convey your brand's message and concept, to push enticing offers, and to support your paying subscribers as needed. It must be given.

Digital Advertising Techniques for ICOs with Examples

The prohibition of cryptocurrency-related advertisements on numerous platforms, particularly social media and search engines, presents a significant challenge for ICO promotional activities. For instance, promoting cryptocurrency on Facebook necessitates clearing quite a few barriers.

Working with a top-notch advertising agency is the greatest approach to navigating this challenging world of digital advertising. It is recommended that you seek out professional assistance so that you don't lose time and make mistakes when attempting to research on your own.


If you can execute an effective ICO marketing campaign, a straightforward ICO idea can grow into a significant revenue stream. While it's crucial to consider other elements of an ICO, such as legal requirements, token prices, and technological models, marketing strategies must be given top priority if success is to be achieved.

You may easily persuade potential investors of the usefulness of your value creation and the returns they are going to provide with the aid of a well-organized marketing strategy.

a successful, organic content marketing approach Traffic technology and the other blockchain marketing techniques listed above can help you stand out.

Prior to the launch of the ICO, ICO marketing plans and strategies will be created and put into action. A launch's chances of success are slim without marketing. A bad start might also damage the validity of the concept itself.

A marketing strategy for your ICO works in conjunction with the design and implementation of your ICO to make sure that your concept becomes a respectable and considerable source of income. Your marketing strategy will aid in persuading potential investors that investing in your project would be profitable. a strong content marketing approach, little PPC, and high organic traffic. We make every effort to connect with your target market and guarantee a successful launch using blockchain marketing tools and tried-and-true growing strategies.

Updated on: 15-Feb-2023


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