What is the Process of Applying for a Digital Marketing Role at Flipkart?

Flipkart has been following an impressive digital marketing strategy and has been keeping up with innovations and technological developments to stand out from the crowd. Founded in 2007, Flipkart focuses on improving the online shopping experiences of its users, both on its app and its web shopping portal.

Flipkart was initially known as “FlipBook” since its content mainly comprised different stories published under this name (they started their journey by selling books). But in current times, we all have been using the portal to shop for multiple items, from fashion, electronics, and gadgets to daily essentials. By offering a one-stop shopping experience, Flipkart as an e-commerce portal has undergone revolutionary change, growth, and innovation in the past few years.

So, if you are looking for an opportunity to work as a digital marketer for Flipkart, you can expect some exciting experiences ahead. Keep reading to learn about the company’s success and market position, its digital marketing strategies, and its process of hiring digital marketing professionals. Such information would make your job application process easier.

Flipkart Success and Market Footprint

Flipkart claims to be the biggest online store in India. With a revenue of $5 to $10 billion, Flipkart is one of the highest revenue-generating platforms. Likewise, it is in the top positions of many such lists. However, it is not always about the numbers - the shopping platform also values its customers too. Flipkart’s marketing team keeps track of its buyers’ needs, interests, and demands. They value their shoppers above everything else, and this makes Flipkart stand out!

Flipkart has a reputation for selling interesting and unique products to its customers, unlike boring ones. One can also expect reasonable prices and value-for-money services. Besides, Flipkart’s marketing team is continuously putting more effort into delivering the best for Gen Z and millennials. The largest shopping portal in the country has a clear vision of what they want to achieve.

Flipkart’s Digital Marketing Strategies

Flipkart focuses on attracting its audience and encouraging potential buyers into checking out their favorite products. The online shopping portal uses the most effective digital marketing techniques, including SEO (search engine optimization), website banners, and online advertisements on multiple channels, such as Facebook, YouTube, and more.

Talking of Flipkart SEO strategies, the efficient digital marketing team uses long-tail and ultra-targeted keywords or key phrases, rather than the one-word highly-competitive keywords, to boost the reach of specific products. In this way, they can reach the right people at the right place and time. In other words, Flipkart uses robust SEO strategies based on the industry-best practices and focuses more on creating immersive and engaging user experiences.

Besides, Flipkart’s web development team has also run the extra mile to deliver easy-to-navigate and mobile-friendly shopping portals, along with a user-friendly mobile application. Such efforts ensure higher user experiences and customer satisfaction.

Flipkart’s Hiring Process for Digital Marketing Roles

Flipkart’s HR team posts job offers on various job search portals, including Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Naukri.com, and more. If your job profile matches their requirements, and you feel you can handle the duties and responsibilities they are expecting from their digital marketing executive or specialist, click on the “Apply” button without a second thought!

The various digital marketing job roles that Flipkart may hire from time to time include −

  • SEO Specialist

  • Content writer

  • Social media manager

  • Email marketing specialist

  • Digital marketing manager

  • Data analyst

Required Qualifications/Expertise

Flipkart has the following experience and qualification requirements for a digital marketer’s position.

  • For senior-level positions − 8–12 years of experience in digital marketing; for mid-level positions: 5–6 years of experience; and for entry-level positions: 2–3 years of experience.

  • Experience in eCommerce SEM and/or social media channels (especially Facebook)

  • Have a reputable and proven track record of achieving business goals through robust marketing strategies

  • Excellent data analysis and problem-solving skills and qualitative qualities

  • Experience in developing and managing an efficient team and a collaborative work culture

  • Have an early adopter attitude when it comes to the latest technology and tools

  • Hands-on experience in using data analytical tools, such as Google Analytics or Omniture

  • Powerful project management abilities and excellent communication and organizational skills

  • Have experience in managing huge budgets and distributing them across various digital marketing channels in a balanced way.

Plus Points

  • Hands-on experience in creating and running different marketing campaigns and ads on Google Ads (previously Google AdWords)

  • Experience with RoAS optimization, Channel planning, and CPx Campaigns execution

  • An MBA degree is preferred

  • Have worked on large-scale software application installation campaigns

If your job profile matches the above, and you possess the necessary skills, you are eligible to apply as a digital marketing consultant or executive at Flipkart.

Your Roles and Responsibilities as a Digital Marketing Consultant at Flipkart

After joining as a digital marketing consultant or executive at Flipkart, you would have the following roles and responsibilities −

  • Manage a team of efficient and skilled performance manatees.

  • Plan, devise, and implement strategies, including SEO, performance marketing, digital communications, affiliate marketing, etc., for keeping the digital marketing team on track.

  • Capable of working proficiently with different digital tools and technologies, such as AppsFlyer/Branch, etc.

  • Plan and understand ASO (Assistant Section Officer)

  • Taking responsibility to generate high-quality user acquisitions (mainly Google SEM, Ad Networks, Metasearch partners, Facebook, and Affiliates)

  • Work with tech teams and internal products or software programs to ensure a smooth running and monitoring of campaigns and their performances and conversion rates.

  • Check and ensure that all marketing campaigns are well-planned, evaluated and tracked, and operated to achieve specific business goals and objectives.

  • Measure and optimize campaign performance on the following metrics - audience retention, ROI, customer engagement, website traffic, and more.

  • Track and evaluate the key marketing performance metrics for all digital channels and domains.

  • Work closely with the team to accomplish and deliver the top and bottom-line targets.

  • Work with product and business teams to create impactful landing pages, drive exciting offers, and deliver engaging ad messages to boost conversions.


To conclude, you can expect a great experience working as a digital marketer with Flipkart, and you will surely love the company’s work culture. Although the salary figures posted on various job portals are approximations, you can expect a decent annual package with additional amenities and allowances.

Besides, you can apply for a role of your choice, based on your area of expertise and specialization. Ensure you are eligible to apply for the desired post and have the necessary education qualifications or years of experience in digital marketing. Furthermore, the added skills and abilities mentioned earlier would be a plus point to increase your chance of receiving your dream offer letter from Flipkart!

Updated on: 03-Apr-2023


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