What is the full form of NET?

What is NET?

The full form of NET is National Ability Test. National Testing Agency organizes the exam for the University Grants Commission (UGC). The exam is organized in the months of June and December and registration starts in March and September. It is considered one of the toughest exams and individuals like you who want to become assistant professors can take the exam.

Eligibility Criteria

If you want to appear in the NET exam, you have to complete your master’s degree in any stream from a recognized university. You have to obtain at least 55% to be eligible for the UGC NET exam. People of any age can take the exam.

Exam Pattern

You have to give paper 1 and paper 2 online. In paper 1, you will face questions which will include teaching, research aptitude, reading comprehension, reasoning ability, and many more. Paper 2 is specific to the subject that you have chosen. There are 50 questions in Paper 1 and each question carries 2 marks. The duration of Paper 1 is 1 hour. There are 100 questions in Paper 2 each carrying 2 marks and the duration of the paper is 2 hours. In order to qualify, a minimum of 40% score should be obtained.

Advantages of NET

There are many advantages if you clear the UGC NET exam successfully. Some of these benefits are listed below −

  • Chances of promotion increase

  • It is easy to join a PSU

  • The value of your employment will increase

  • You can become an academic professor or researcher

  • There is no upper age limit


NET stands for National Eligibility Test and can be taken by those candidates who have completed their Master's degree. The exam will help you to become an assistant professor, or author, or you can get a job in a PSU. The exam has 2 papers. The first paper is Paper 1 which consists of 50 questions each of 2 marks. The second paper is Paper 2 which consists of 100 questions and each of them is of 2 marks. The duration of Paper 1 is 1 hour and Paper 2 is 2 hours. You have to score at least 40% marks in each paper to qualify them successfully.


FAQ 1: How can we expand NET?

Ans: NET can be expanded to the National Ability Test.

FAQ 2: Why do individuals go for the NET exam?

Ans: Individuals who want to become a professor or a lecturer can go for the test and they will get the certificate of Junior Research Fellowship.

FAQ 3: How many papers do I have to take in this exam?

Ans: You will be given 2 papers which are Paper 1 and Paper 2. Paper 1 carries 50 questions of 2 marks each and its duration is 1 hour. Paper 2 consists of 100 questions of 2 marks each and the duration is 2 hours.

FAQ 4: Which subject shall I choose to take the exam?

Ans: The subjects that you can choose are listed below −

  • Commerce

  • Education

  • Sociology

  • Home Science

  • Political Science

FAQ 5: What can I do after completing the test successfully?

Ans: You can go for the jobs offered by PSUs on the basis of your score.

Updated on: 03-Jan-2024


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