What is the full form of ARPANET?

The full form of ARPANET is Advanced Research Projects Agency NET was developed under the direction of the US Advanced Research Projects Agency and was based on a concept first published in 1967. With the interconnection of four university computers in 1969, the concept became a modest reality.

It was the first network to implement the TCP/IP protocol. It was a very early packet switch network. This network became the foundation for the modern day internet.

The protocols used in Arpanet were later developed for joining multiple networks, which gave rise to the modern day internet. It helps in grouping the data in digital communication to packets.It helps by introducing the protocol suit. Now it is the foundation for the internet we are using now.


The characteristics of ARPANET are as follows −

  • Risk-taking

  • Experimental

  • Dynamic

  • A head of industry at time

  • Part of changing the way computing was done

  • Building a new discipline.

Given below is the structure of ARPANET −


The advantages of ARPANET are as follows −

  • ARPANET allowed remote login and was given the name Tenet.

  • Transfer of files becomes a part of FTP.

  • It uses host-to-host protocol called as NCP (network control protocol)

  • It uses packet switching to send data.


The disadvantages of ARPANET are as follows −

  • Connection to non-system network architecture networks was difficult.

  • Path between the pairs of nodes has to be redesigned and it has to be stored centrally.

  • Maintaining and installation of SNA is complicated.

  • SNA products are expensive.

Updated on: 21-Mar-2022

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