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B.Tech Full Form (Bachelor of Technology)

Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 27-Mar-2023 11:51:27
What is B.Tech? B.Tech stands for Bachelor of Technology, which is a four-year undergraduate degree program in engineering and technology. The B.Tech program is structured to offer students a strong framework in the concepts of engineering and technology, as well as the abilities and knowledge needed to apply these principles to real-world problems. Depending on the country and the school, the B.Tech course takes three to four years to complete. B.Tech programs cover a wide range of subjects, including mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, electronics, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and many others. The B.Tech program also includes ... Read More

B.Phil Full Form (Bachelor of Philosophy)

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Updated on 27-Mar-2023 11:47:55
What is B.Phil? B.Phil stands for Bachelor of Philosophy, which is an undergraduate academic degree program. The program provides a comprehensive understanding of the various fields of philosophy such as metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, logic, aesthetics, and political philosophy. The B.Phil program typically lasts for 3 to 4 years and is designed to equip students with critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and problem-solving skills that are highly valued in a wide range of professions such as law, journalism, education, business, and public service. Students are required to attend lectures, seminars, and tutorials, and to complete coursework, assignments, and research projects that develop ... Read More

B.Pharma Full Form (Bachelor of Pharmacy)

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Updated on 27-Mar-2023 11:42:13
What is B.Pharma? B.Pharma or Bachelor of Pharmacy is an undergraduate academic degree program that focuses on the study of pharmaceutical sciences. It is a four-year program that is designed to prepare students for careers in the pharmaceutical industry, drug research and development, clinical pharmacy, and related fields. During the course of the program, students learn about the composition and effects of drugs, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, and pharmacognosy. The program also includes practical training in various aspects of pharmacy, such as drug manufacturing, quality control, and dispensing. After completing the B.Pharma program, graduates can work in various roles in ... Read More

B.M Full Form (Bachelor of Music)

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Updated on 27-Mar-2023 11:38:36
What is B.M? B.M. usually stands for Bachelor of Music, which is an undergraduate academic degree awarded to students who have completed a program of study in music at a college, university, or conservatory. The degree typically involves coursework in music theory, music history, music performance, and music education. The Bachelor of Music degree is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in the fundamentals of music and advanced training in a specific area of specialization such as vocal performance, instrumental performance, music education, or music composition. Eligibility The eligibility criteria for pursuing a Bachelor of Music (B.M.) degree ... Read More

ATS Full Form ( Anti-Terrorism Squad)

Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 27-Mar-2023 11:26:01
What is the full form of ATS? The full form of ATS is Anti-Terrorism Squad. It is responsible for investigating and preventing terrorist activities in the country, particularly those related to Islamist extremist groups and other domestic and international threats. The ATS operates at the state level in India, with each state having its own unit. The agency works in close coordination with other law enforcement agencies, including the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the National Investigation Agency (NIA). Its activities include intelligence gathering, surveillance, and investigation of terror-related cases and providing security to high-risk individuals and locations. ... Read More

AMIE Full Form (Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers)

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Updated on 27-Mar-2023 11:11:47
What is AMIE? AMIE stands for Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers. It is a professional certification program in the field of engineering that enables engineering professionals to obtain a degree-level qualification in engineering. AMIE is equivalent to a bachelor's degree in engineering and is recognized by the Government of India and many other countries around the world. AMIE is designed for working professionals who are unable to attend regular college due to work or other commitments. The program is available in various streams of engineering and covers a broad range of topics in the chosen stream. AMIE is ... Read More

AMC Full Form (Annual Maintenance Contract, American Motors Corporation)

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Updated on 27-Mar-2023 11:08:03
Introduction Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is a service agreement offered by American Motors Corporation, an automotive company based in the US. The agreement covers regular maintenance and repair services for a set period, providing customers with peace of mind and ensuring their vehicles stay in top condition. The services can range from basic oil changes to major repairs, helping to extend the life of the vehicle and saving customers time and money in the long run. With an AMC from American Motors Corporation, customers can rest assured that their vehicles are in good hands and will receive the care they ... Read More

AM and PM Full Form (AM Full Form (Anti Meridiem, PM Full Form (Post Meridiem)

Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 27-Mar-2023 11:01:11
What is AM and PM? AM is an abbreviation for "Anti Meridiem, " which is a Latin term meaning "before midday." In simple terms, it refers to the time between midnight and noon. On the other hand, PM is an abbreviation for "Post Meridiem, " which means "after midday." It refers to the time between noon and midnight. The 12-hour clock system is used to represent time in AM and PM. The clock runs from 1 to 12, and then starts again at 1. AM time is represented as 1:00 AM to 12:59 PM, while PM time is represented ... Read More

AIIMS Full Form (All India Institute of Medical Sciences)

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Updated on 27-Mar-2023 10:56:22
What is AIIMS? AIIMS stands for All India Institute of Medical Sciences, which is a group of autonomous public medical colleges in India. AIIMS institutions are well-known for providing quality medical education, conducting research, and providing advanced patient care in various medical specialties. The first AIIMS was established in New Delhi in 1956, and since then, several other AIIMS institutions have been established across the country. AIIMS institutions are highly respected and have produced many notable medical professionals in India and around the world. History The history of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) dates back to the ... Read More

ADR Full Form (Adverse Drug Reaction)

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Updated on 27-Mar-2023 10:40:32
What is ADR? The term Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) is often used to refer to any undesirable, unpleasant, or hazardous effects that a drug may have An adverse event is any harm that happens to a patient while they are taking medication, regardless of whether the medication is thought to be the cause or not. An adverse drug reaction is described as an appreciably damaging or uncomfortable reaction occurring from an intervention related to the use of a medical product; adverse effects frequently indicate danger from future administration and demand preventive or particular therapy or change of the ... Read More