What is the full form of AHRC ?


The AHRC is a non-governmental organisation created in 1948 to look after the increasing human rights violations in Asia. It is created to provide practical solutions to human rights violations and provide immediate relief and protection to the victims of human rights violations. Through its various strategies like Urgent Appeal, Statement, Folk Schools, Internships, the AHRC has been trying to address human rights violations in every corner of Asia.

About AHRC

AHRC stands for Asian Human Rights Commission. This commission was formed to look after human rights especially in the Asian region. Registered in 1948, this commission was an initiative taken by the Christian Conference of Asia. The commission aimed to produce a ‘Asian Charter for Human Rights-Our Common Humanity’ quite similar to the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

In 2001, a bi-monthly magazine called the ‘Article 2’ was initiated by the AHRC to raise issues and concerns that are recognized as human rights violations under Article 2 of the ICCPR. This approach was termed as “moving from ‘micro to macro’ one” meaning that by addressing each violation individually the AHRC will be able to understand the links between these violations and their roots and causes.

Strategies of AHRC

The AHRC has developed several strategies to generate debates on human rights issues in the social, political, cultural and economic fields. Some of their strategies are discussed below.

Folk schools

This is a ‘co-learning space of knowledge production where ‘in-depth presentations’ and debates are conducted. The commission has organised discussions based on themes for one week on various topics by inviting experts from the field of human rights, judiciary, academia, civil society and media.

Urgent Appeals

These appeals are filed against various human rights violations so that related institutions can be pressurised enough to take immediate actions against violations and provide protection and relief to the victims. Firstly, various organisations who are working on the field provide information and facts to AHRC regarding human right violations. Secondly, AHRC verifies these facts and releases urgent appeals in the form of a draft in its international circle which consists of human rights organisations, activists, journalists and authors.

Cases regarding Judicial or Legal Actions

The AHRC and its partner organisations help victims to file a case and provide all necessary support during the proceedings of the case. In some cases which cannot be taken up to the police or court, the AHRC helps in taking the case directly to its necessary department.


A statement can be produced on a single case or on general cases. Cases like rape, child abuse, torture, decrese in allowance of poor people are considered as single case. Cases related to case of detention, fake charges, suicide related to issues of loan or issues of dalit. Statements produced in relation to general issues create awareness among the public.

General Assembly of United Nations in New York

Objectives of AHRC

The main objective of the AHRC or the Asian Legal Resource Centre is to ensure ‘radical rethinking and fundamental redesigning of justice institutions in Asia’ so that these institutions can effectively protect human rights and become the guardian of democracy. They wish to redesign and strengthen the justice institutions of Asia so that these institutions are able to provide timely relief to the people who can be considered as victims under Common Article 2 of International Conventions. Hence, their objectives are as follows

  • To identify the shortcomings of the justice institutions of Asia. These shortcomings may be in the field of police, judiciary, prosecution and provide essential ideas in accordance with the norms of universal human rights.

  • Provide support for transforming institutions in Asia and also creating awareness worldwide.

  • To provide protection to defenders of human rights and provide recommendations in specific cases of human rights violations.

  • To assemble people’s idea of human rights violations mainly from the viewpoint of ‘equality before law’ and ‘free trial.’

  • To intervene in cases related to torture, ‘extrajudicial executions’, ‘disapperances’ and cases related to discrimination on the basis of gender, religion or caste.

  • Identifying fundamental shortcomings in justice institutions with the help of UNCAT.

  • To fulfil all the above mentioned objectives through wide networking and by providing assistance to civil society and victims.

A protest conducted on Human Rights day.


We can summarise that AHRC is a human rights organisation focused mainly on the Asian region. It draws its inspiration from the United Nations and the International Covenant. Through its Urgent Appeals it has addressed many human rights issues and is continuing to do so till date.


Q1. Discuss one of the strategies of the AHRC.

Ans. From time to time AHRC conducts internship programs. One such internship programme of the organisation used to take place in Hong Kong for 3 months. Many young activists of human rights were invited to gain knowledge on topics of ‘international law’, ‘UN Systems’, ‘information technology’ and others.

Q2. What is the aim of ‘urgent appeal’ of the AHRC?

Ans. The aim of ‘urgent appeal’ of the AHRC is to create public pressure in support for various cases of human rights violations. If the issue is related and must be raised in a particular country then AHRC sends the ‘Urgent Appeal’ to a list of 4000 people but if the issue is large and needs to attract international personalities and groups then AHRC sends the ‘Urgent Appeal’ to 48,000 people and organisations.

Q3. State one objective of the AHRC.

Ans. One of the objectives of the AHRC is to build large advocacy groups and equip them so that they are able to bring required changes and also help them in articulating demands to bring these changes.

Updated on: 14-Apr-2023


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