What is the easiest way to transfer files from phone to PC?

This question occurs in our minds when we have to transfer files and all old methods start giving us enough troubles. The one way is to synchronize your phone with the USB cable, but you cannot carry the cable everywhere. You can transfer your data through email or other conventional methods, but again these tricks come with a lot of mess. However, you can get this done through some easy tools mentioned here:

Push Bullet

You can connect your phone and PC completely with the help of this tool, which also gives you a feeling that both your device and PC are same. You can even text anyone and keeps its record on the phone as well.

Once you see that your phone is opened on your PC, the job of transferring files become even easier. With Push Bullet’s free account, you can transfer up to 25MB data.


This tool allows you to transfer files or even folders without any USB cable. With the help of a mirror technology, this tool syncs your phone and the PC completely and you can transfer any file quickly with its help.

Send Anywhere

You can make file sharing fast as well as easy with the help of this tool. It generates a 6-digit code and starts a real-time file sharing with the help of that code. The best part is you can easily attach even the large files with the help of your email.