What is the difference between Email and Gmail?

Let us understand the concept of electronic mail which is commonly known as Email.


Email stands for Electronic mail. It is described as the transmission of messages on the web. Email needs multiple protocols inside the TCP/IP suite. For example, SMTP can send messages, while the POP or IMAP protocols are used to recover messages from a mail server. When they configure an email account, it should define your email address, password, and the mail servers can send and receive messages.

The email was created to provide rich content with custom formatting, and the initial email standard is only adequate for providing plain text messages. In current times, email provides HTML (Hypertext markup language), which creates it capable of emails to provide similar formatting as websites.

Some mail servers allow users to send multiple attachments with each message. The attachments were generally limited to one megabyte in the initial days of email. Some mail servers can provide email attachments of 20 megabytes or greater in size.


Gmail stands for Google Mail. It is a free service supported by Google that allows users to send and receive e-mail over the web. Gmail is unique in that it supports multiple gigabytes of email data storage, which means most users don't have to worry about not getting email because of exceeding their available storage.

It defines that it enables users to be inactive for up to nine months. Some similar services needed a login at least once every 30 days to hold an account active. Finally, Gmail has the best spam disclosure capabilities available, which defines that almost all spam is filtered into the trash, so it doesn't have to read it.

The messages in Gmail are organized into promotions, social, and primary divisions. These messages are arranged and grouped according to the division. It can read messages from the Business, family, and friends simply.

The user interface of Gmail targets Search, the grouping of messages in an individual page, conversation threading of emails, etc.


The major differences between Email and Gmail are as follows −

E-mail stands for Electronic mail.G-mail stands for Google Mail.
The Email involves a regular sync time of four hours every individual day.Gmail provides a maximum sync time of each hour every day.
Email is nothing but an electronic connection that may or may not include text, graphics, and files.Gmail is nothing but an Email user that can be used to send and receive Emails.
Email does not provide some extensions.Gmail provides extensions. Some third-party extensions can be used with Gmail to implement or insert any specific objective. For instance, it can track the email delivery status, scheduling emails, etc.
Email is less secure.Gmail is more secure when compared to Email because it supports spam filtering, virus protection, etc.
It enables the user to have several accounts of the E-mail service providers and handle all the accounts at the same place.It enables the users to send or receive Emails from multiple service providers. It supports a storage area, an organized administration system, and identification of spam and advertising Emails.