What is the difference between deforestation and afforestation?

Trees are extremely important not only for us but for the whole environment. The two terms: Afforestation and Deforestation, related to trees, are the exact opposites or the antonyms of each other.


  • It refers to the destroying/cutting of trees for the benefit of oneself or others.

  • It is extremely harmful, not only for oneself but for the entire environment.

  • It is also the antonym for reforestation and afforestation.

  • It is highly undesirable and converts a green land into barren.

  • Urbanization, forest fires, industrialization, wood collection, and some mining activities and others are its popular causes.

  • It leads to an increase in carbon dioxide, which further leads to the greenhouse effect and global warming.

  • It should be reduced or stopped.


  • It refers to the planting of trees for the benefit of oneself or others.

  • It is so essential that if we want life on this planet, we need trees.

  • It is highly desirable and converts a waste barren land into a greener pasture.

  • Once we embrace afforestation, we will notice a favorable temperature in the environment, more rainfall, providing habitat for wildlife, preventing soil erosion and others.

  • It leads to an increase in oxygen, which further regulates the ecological balance and temperature.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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