What is the Best SMS App for Salesforce?


If you use Salesforce, you probably know its main advantage: helping your business manage client relationships. One of the most important aspects of the process is managing customer communication. Salesforce provides details on your clients' contact numbers and the time you last spoke with them. If you want to connect efficiently with your consumers, you must select the finest SMS app for Salesforce. You can use Salesforce to contact both existing and new clients. It also provides you with several ways to contact them. One of the best modes of communication is SMS.

How Can You Use SMS With Salesforce?

Before selecting the finest SMS app for Salesforce, consider the advice on using SMS with Salesforce successfully. Every company needs a communication strategy while implementing Salesforce. It affects how you communicate with your customers, both existing and potential. One important part of that communication strategy can be SMS texting. It's a versatile communication tactic that has a variety of advantages for your company, such as −

  • Always Make Sure to Follow Up on Leads − SMS can be a powerful tool for building relationships with your leads. It can be utilized to maintain communication with potential clients or current, qualified leads who have not yet completed a purchase. You can answer any questions or concerns they may have.

  • A Contact Person for Client Feedback − Once you've had an opportunity to assist your client, you'll want to know how well you fared. Obtaining client feedback has many advantages. It allows you to pinpoint areas where your company can develop, which is one advantage. By using positive feedback as a testimonial, you can emphasize such attributes to other potential customers.

  • Appointment Reminders Offer a Convenient Way to Change Or Cancel An Appointment − Customers' appointments must presumably be scheduled if you run a service-based business. Your clients could occasionally forget to attend these sessions due to their busy schedules. Because missed meetings leave your workers stuck and hinder them from taking necessary action, this generates scheduling challenges.

The Best SMS App for Salesforce That You Need to Know

SMS-Magic is the Best One, Indeed

SMS-Magic is an established business-to-person texting solution that provides high-touch, omnichannel, and compliant customer satisfaction across your selling process at scale. It has over 2500 clients in 190 nations, including small, medium, and large enterprise accounts. The SMS-Magic App allows marketing, sales, and support professionals to communicate with clients more successfully. Thanks to our conversational messaging features, you won't ever lose another customer, applicant, or patient due to unanswered emails or missed phone calls.

What More on SMS Magic?

SMS-Magic employs conversational messaging to boost the effectiveness of marketing, sales, and customer service. The company has vast experience in a wide range of industries. Whether your main goal is to generate leads, convert those leads into sales, or keep your customers happy, SMS-Magic gives you the information, insights, and tools you need to create Conversations that Convert.

Highlights Of SMS Magic App

Assist Your Clients Where They Are

To support your clients' favourite communication channels, use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and text integration for Salesforce. Do it all from a single mailbox with a 360-degree perspective of talks.

Allow Employees the Freedom to Provide Prompt Client Service

Using native Salesforce apps at their desks and on the road, your sales professionals and customer support agents can give a top-notch client experience (SMS-Magic Mobile App).

Stay Completely Submissive

Relax your worries about regulations. To comply with the TCPA, GDPR, CCPA, and CASL for customer communications on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and text, use SMS-built-in Magic's compliance solution.

Benefits of Integrating SMS API With Salesforce

It's evident that your business uses SMS messages in various ways, but let's take a closer look at the advantages of integrating your SMS API into your Salesforce dashboard and how it might make your life easier. Here are a few ways to use the Salesforce SMS API to improve your capacity to communicate with customers.

Sharing Of Data Between Teams

Your sales, marketing, customer service, and IT tech support workers ought all have access to the same data. By integrating the SMS API, you can minimize the potential for disruption by keeping your internal communications in sync and ensuring everyone with access to the Salesforce dashboard utilizes the same data.

You Don't Need to Learn Any New Platforms

By integrating your API with Salesforce, you and your team will have access to features on a platform you are already familiar with. That indicates you won't have to learn how a new platform operates.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Just think about how vital it is to streamline customer communication. Data loss is less likely to happen when your customer care staff has immediate access to your data. Customer response times are shortened when issues are referred to another department for resolution.


By default, many functionalities are missing from Salesforce, but users can add more functionality to Salesforce CRM using the SMS Magic app. Text messaging is one of the most crucial business essentials because any organization needs a quick, simple, and scalable method of contacting clients. Users can easily locate the messaging App or solution they require without wasting time or effort.

Updated on: 19-Apr-2023


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