What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence that supports an architecture with the capability to learn and enhance from experience without being definitely programmed automatically.

It can be used by search engines including Google and Bing to rank internet pages or to determine which advertisement to display to which user. It can be used by social networks including Facebook and Instagram to make a custom feed for each user or to tag the customer by the images that was uploaded.

It can be used by banks to identify whether an online transaction is fraudulent and by e-commerce websites including Amazon and Flipkart to recommend products that it is likely to purchase.

The objective of machine learning is to develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that is as superior as the human mind. There are several AI researchers understand that this objective can be achieved through machine learning algorithms that attempt to mimic the learning phase of a human brain.

Machine learning is an increasing technology which allows computers to understand automatically from previous data. Machine learning needs several algorithms for constructing numerical models and making predictions using historical record or information. Currently, it is generally used for several tasks including image recognition, speech identification, email filtering, Facebook auto-tagging, recommender system, etc.

With the support of sample historical information, which is called training data, machine learning algorithms construct a numerical model that supports in making predictions or decisions without explicitly programmed.

Machine learning produce computer science and statistics for making predictive models. Machine learning generates or needs the algorithms that understand from historical record. The more it will supports the data, the larger will be the performance.

The requirement for machine learning is growing quickly. The reason for the requirement for machine learning is that it is capable of doing services that are difficult for a person to implement directly. As a human, it can have some drawbacks as it cannot create the large amount of data manually, therefore, it is required some computer systems and therefore comes the machine learning to create things easy for us.

It can train machine learning algorithms by supporting them the large amount of data and let them analyse the data, built the models, and forecast the required output automatically. The implementation of the machine learning algorithm based on the amount of data, and it can be decided by the cost function.

Updated on: 15-Feb-2022

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