Machine Learning - Traditional AI

The journey of AI began in the 1950's when the computing power was a fraction of what it is today. AI started out with the predictions made by the machine in a fashion a statistician does predictions using his calculator. Thus, the initial entire AI development was based mainly on statistical techniques.

In this chapter, let us discuss in detail what these statistical techniques are.

Statistical Techniques

The development of today’s AI applications started with using the age-old traditional statistical techniques. You must have used straight-line interpolation in schools to predict a future value. There are several other such statistical techniques which are successfully applied in developing so-called AI programs. We say “so-called” because the AI programs that we have today are much more complex and use techniques far beyond the statistical techniques used by the early AI programs.

Some of the examples of statistical techniques that are used for developing AI applications in those days and are still in practice are listed here −

  • Regression
  • Classification
  • Clustering
  • Probability Theories
  • Decision Trees

Here we have listed only some primary techniques that are enough to get you started on AI without scaring you of the vastness that AI demands. If you are developing AI applications based on limited data, you would be using these statistical techniques.

However, today the data is abundant. To analyze the kind of huge data that we possess statistical techniques are of not much help as they have some limitations of their own. More advanced methods such as deep learning are hence developed to solve many complex problems.

As we move ahead in this tutorial, we will understand what Machine Learning is and how it is used for developing such complex AI applications.