Machine Learning - Introduction

Today’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) has far surpassed the hype of blockchain and quantum computing. This is due to the fact that huge computing resources are easily available to the common man. The developers now take advantage of this in creating new Machine Learning models and to re-train the existing models for better performance and results. The easy availability of High Performance Computing (HPC) has resulted in a sudden increased demand for IT professionals having Machine Learning skills.

In this tutorial, you will learn in detail about −

What is the crux of machine learning?

  • What are the different types in machine learning?

  • What are the different algorithms available for developing machine learning models?

  • What tools are available for developing these models?

  • What are the programming language choices?

  • What platforms support development and deployment of Machine Learning applications?

  • What IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) are available?

  • How to quickly upgrade your skills in this important area?