What is IDP.Generic virus?

If you use antivirus applications like AVG, Avast, or TotalAV, you might be surely aware of the term IDP.Generic. You might get its warning while scanning for viruses.

In this post, we will discuss what IDP.Generic is and how to remove it from the system.

What is IDP.Generic?

IDP.Generic is a common term given to the threat detected by antivirus programs. It notifies users about the presence of the malicious program in the system. IDP.Generic is not a particular malware or virus but a common threat that users can find anywhere on the device, such as in any documents, game folders, python files, and more.

IDP is a component of the antivirus protection knowns as 'Identity Protection.' When a security solution displays the name of threat as IDP.Generic it indicates that the threat is detected by the Identity Protection component. Since it is a generic threat, there is no clear idea which type of malware it is, and it can be anything like Spyware, Trojan, Ransomware, or other malicious programs trying to perform Identity Theft.

However, many times you will notice that the antivirus programs would raise the false-positive IDP.Generic detection because many genuine files, especially of PC games, possess similar threats as that of identity theft viruses. Since it regularly raises false-positive results, many users tend to ignore the IDP.Generic threat thinking it as nothing. Cybercriminals take advantage of it and release malware in the name of legit files so that users will allow them. So, always be very careful while dealing with IDP.Generic threats.

What are the symptoms of the IDP.Generic threat?

It is not easy to know about the presence of the IDP.Generic virus in the system as it is generic and can be anything. However, if your system shows one or more of the following symptoms, it might indicate the presence of IDP.Generic virus −

  • The system starts frequently lagging without any reason

  • CPU usage increases rapidly without any heavy usage

  • You are bombarded with irrelevant ads and pop-ups while browsing the internet.

  • You might notice some unknown applications that you don't remember installing.

  • While browsing the internet, you might be redirected to irrelevant, untrustworthy websites.

How to remove IDP.Generic virus from the computer?

After its detection, it becomes necessary to get rid of IDP.Generic from the system, as it might be anything malicious. Here are the ways to eradicate it from the device −

Let your antivirus remove it altogether

Since the IDP.Generic is detected by an antimalware program, you must let antimalware remove it instead of manually removing it.

Uninstall the Suspicious Application from your device

On your device, look for the suspicious applications or games that you don't remember installing. One by one, remove all such programs. Note that many such programs might look authentic and useful to you.

Delete Temporary Files from the device

Windows OS tends to collect many unnecessary temporary files, which can be malicious and cause harm. It is recommended to delete the temporary files from the system regularly. On any Windows device, navigate to C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Temp to reach the temp folder and delete its contents.

Reset Your Browser Settings.

IDP.Generic can sneakily infiltrate your browser and hijack its settings. If your browser is misbehaving because of IDP.Generic malware, you must reset its settings.

Updated on: 12-Jul-2021


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