What is Discord Virus?

Before knowing what a Discord Virus is, I feel you should be learning what is "Discord". It is one of the most popular VoIP chatting applications of recent times, primarily used by gamers to interact while playing games.Since it has a vast user base, it is always in the eyes of cyber attackers to spread their malware quickly, and these malware programs spread through the discord application are termed discord viruses.

Cyber attackers use various techniques to attract discord users to install malicious programs in their systems. They fool users in multiple ways like fake games, utility software, pirated applications, etc., and all these programs act as malware carriers for the user.

Sometimes the users are fooled by providing them the premium version of Discord free of cost, which is otherwise paid. Still, the user should know that this cannot be cracked as the premium features are provided through the servers and not in-built on the app.

The malware named Trojan, which spreads through Discord, can be pretty harmful as they can steal a user's Discord user ID and password and other sensitive details from the user's device such as banking details, browsing history, and others. Cyber attackers can use all these details for identity theft which can cause a lot of trouble to the user's life.

How Does a Discord Virus Enter a System?

We should understand how they could enter the system and how you can detect them to protect the system?

The main possibilities from where a Discord Virus could have entered your system are −

  • They are spread with the help of popular discord servers; after identifying a popular server of a particular time, cyber attackers join them and start interacting with all its participants to gain their trust, and as soon as they realize that users are trusting them, they would begin spamming that server with malicious and fake applications or links as mentioned above, which then on installation or just a click on the link by the user creates a way for this virus into the system.

  • Once a Trojan program enters your device, it initiates the chain reaction and automatically installs other malicious programs in your system without asking for your permission.

How to Detect a Discord Virus?

Unlike other viruses, it's challenging to detect these Discord viruses, as they are hidden under the name of legitimate and safe applications. However, the system shows some common defects which might be helpful for us in detecting them −

  • The system may get slow, and its performance could decrease as this virus will consume a lot of space in RAM, and hence the system will lag a lot.

  • A random window is also opened sometimes without the user's intention of opening it.

  • You might get redirected to some other page from your home page every time you search for something.

  • While browsing, you might get unwanted pop-ups and a lot of ads.

What to Do if Infected with Discord Virus?

If by any chance, your system is showing all the above symptoms, then there is a possibility that your system might have got this virus, and hence the following steps might help you −

  • The most common step would be to find that suspicious application that you might have downloaded from the discord server responsible for spreading this Trojan. Once you find that,delete it from the task manager, so it gets uninstalled from its root.

  • You can also see if any temporary files are existing and if yes, then remove them. Also don’t forget to delete all these files from the Recycle Bin too.

  • The next step should be to reset your web browser settings to the factory mode and then relaunch the browser

To be extra careful, always keep an antimalware software installed on your device and scan it regularly.