What is DIX Standard?

DIX standard is a popular standard for Ethernet that was put forth in 1978. The name DIX is an abbreviation of the three organizations who implemented it, namely DEC, Intel and Xerox. DIX Ethernet provides data speed of 10 Mbps.

DIX Ethernet is also known as Ethernet II framing. The main fields of a frame of DIX Ethernet are −

  • Preamble: It is an 8 bytes starting field that provides alert and timing pulse for transmission.
  • Destination Address: It is a 6 byte field containing physical address of destination stations.
  • Source Address: It is a 6 byte field containing the physical address of the sending station.
  • Type: It a 2 bytes field that instructs the receiver which process to give the frame to.
  • Data: This is a variable sized field carries the data from the upper layers. The maximum size of data field is 1500 bytes.
  • Padding: This is added to the data to bring its length to the minimum requirement of 46 bytes.
  • CRC: CRC stands for cyclic redundancy check. It is a 4 byte field that contains the error detection information.