What is the standard body for conventions of research writing?

MLA (Modern Language Association) is a body that assigns rules and regulations for research paper writing. MLA is popular worldwide and assigns various rules on Selecting a topic, compiling a working bibliography, outlining and writing drafts (to name a few).

Selecting A Topic

In order to select a topic, different instructors and different courses offer widely varying degrees of freedom to students selecting topics for research papers. The instructor of a course in a specific discipline may supply a list of topics from which to choose or any, more generally, require that the paper relates to an important aspect of the course. MLA gives such instructions for aspiring research writers:

  • Take time to think through your choice of topic.
  • Look for a subject that will continue to engage you.
  • Understand the amount and depth of research required.


Similarly, MLA has plenty of user-friendly instructions for aspiring writers and scholars. One can find all the instructions in their handbook, which is an easy guide to all the rules and regulations for writing research papers.