What Does an Operations Manager Do?

An operations manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of a company, as well as ensuring that the company's resources are utilized efficiently. This role can be very interesting and challenging, so we'll talk about the duties of an operations manager in this article. An operations manager is a vital part of an organization’s operations, as they are responsible for overseeing the daily operations and ensuring that the company has the required resources to deliver its services. In order to effectively lead and manage a team, an operations manager must have the necessary skills and knowledge.

Operations managers can be assigned various tasks depending on the size of the company and the industry they work in. For instance, manufacturing companies, are responsible for overseeing the quality of the products and ensuring that the inventory is maintained. On the other hand, in service-based organizations, are responsible for scheduling appointments, ensuring that standards are met, and managing customer service.

What is An Operations Manager?

Before you start thinking about what operations are, it’s important to understand what an operations manager is. They are the individuals who oversee the various activities of a company, such as buying and selling, accounting, IT, and human resources. Their responsibilities range from overseeing the entire organization to managing multiple tasks. An operations manager is also sometimes referred to as a COO, or chief operating officer.

An operations manager is responsible for ensuring that a company's operations run smoothly. They work with various people and organizations’ projects, and they are also responsible for developing and engaging their teams. Their duties include overseeing the financial procedures of the company, such as budgeting and forecasting.

Responsibilities of An Operations Manager

An operations manager is responsible for leading and developing the workplace's efficiency and effectiveness. He or she must have the necessary social skills and knowledge to effectively communicate with and engage with their employees. The responsibilities of an operations manager are −

  • Motivate and retain employees.

  • Conduct various activities, such as surveys, employee engagement, and cost-benefit analysis.

  • Ensure quality check

  • keeping track of the schedule

  • Improving productivity

  • Monitor budget

  • Solving conflicts

  • Resource management

What Does An Operations Manager Do?

An operations manager is a vital part of any organization, as they are responsible for ensuring that the company operates efficiently. This role requires them to effectively utilize the company's various resources, which can help boost productivity and decrease expenses.

An operations manager's day-to-day tasks and activities can vary depending on their field of work and the size of their company. They may also be responsible for carrying out various general tasks and activities.


The operations manager typically begins their day by reviewing and prioritizing their schedule. This can involve reviewing staffing levels, production schedules, and inventory levels.


An operations manager is a key member of an organization’s management team and is responsible for overseeing the implementation and maintenance of the various processes that the company uses.


The operations managers of various companies work closely with other units to ensure that their production goals are met. This can involve coordinating with the logistics, procurement, and customer service departments.

Handle Financials

The finance and accounting department is a vital parts of an organization’s operations. You'll either be overseeing the department or you'll be closely involved in reviewing its budget and growth. An operations manager is required to maintain sheets on a daily basis.


As operations managers, you'll spend a lot of time monitoring the various processes of a production facility to ensure that everything is running smoothly.


Almost every day, operations managers are required to maintain the day-to-day operations of a company. They are also accountable for ensuring that policies and procedures are being followed properly.

Continuous Improvement

An operations manager is responsible for continuously improving the efficiency and quality of a company's operations. This can involve analyzing data, identifying areas for change, and implementing procedures to improve customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Skills Required To Become An Operations Manager

Here are some of the basic skills required to become an operations manager −

  • Communication

  • Knowledge of organizational effectiveness

  • Understanding of financials

  • Leadership

  • Organizational skills

  • Problem-solving

What Education Does An Operations Manager Need?

A business degree is required for a job in operations management. This discipline focuses on the fundamentals of successful business, such as strategy, finance, and supply chain management. In our undergraduate programs, you'll learn about budgeting and planning, strategy, and supply chain management. This will provide you with the necessary skills to excel in your field.

A bachelor's degree in operations management is not enough to land you a job as a manager. You may need to start at a higher level in order to move up the ladder. Earning an MBA would allow you to demonstrate your mastery of leadership and skills in order to become successful in your field. An organization needs an MBA to focus on developing effective strategies and managing people.

Before you can start working as an operations manager, it's important that you have the necessary experience. In most cases, you'll have to start at a lower level before moving up to a more prominent position.


Given the complexity of the job profile, the question of what an operations manager does is often asked. An operations manager is responsible for overseeing the hiring of new staff members and ensuring that the company's standards are maintained. They also help manage the daily operations of various departments. This article will help you find more information on working as an operations manager.

Updated on: 10-May-2023


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