What can selenium WebDriver do?

Selenium’s Webdriver is an automation testing tool. It can help us automate a task that was otherwise done by people.

Anywhere there is a need for a human to repeat an action; we can put selenium to use.

Below are the some basic and most common usages of selenium −

Automation Testing

It automates web application testing by imitating the user action on a web application using selenium commands. It imitates real actions by handling mouse and keyboard events. WebDriver talks to the OS directly using the OS’s native capability. It uses browser driver for this communication

Performance Testing

By putting the Selenium Grid to use, we can use selenium to test the maximum load our server or application can handle. In short, selenium here can be used for Load Testing, Stress Testing.

Regression Testing

The most tedious task, but yet very important and necessary, Regression Testing. Selenium can be put to use in executing a regression testbed. Since, selenium requires minimum human effort. It increases the speed of regression testing but executing the entire testbed faster. This leaves less room for bugs and errors.

Mobile Testing

As the world is moving towards mobile, we can use selenium to test mobile-based applications.

Sanity Testing

In large organizations where the teams are huge, and roles are clearly defined. There is a requirement of a tool that can be used to check the application after each build. This testing is not very exhaustive but checks for basic functionalities like logins and so-on.

Enough of testing, selenium is not limited to testing. It can be put to use in −

Monitoring of Applications

To check if the application is up and running. This activity is very mandatory to be performed to understand and capture if the application has been closed down due to some errors.

So, those above are some basic uses of selenium which have made the entire IT industry adapt this framework faster.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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