What are the various energy transformations that occur when you are riding a bicycle?

To do:
To write the various energy transformations that occur when someone is riding a bicycle.

Before setting out the various energy changes that occur while cycling, let us briefly understand the motion of a bicycle:

Movement of a bicycle:
When a cyclist is riding a bicycle, the cyclist exerts a muscular force on the pedals of the bicycle and the wheels start rotating and the cycle moves forward.

Now let us discuss the energy transformations that occur during the moment of a bicycle.

Energy transformations occurring while riding a bicycle:
From the movement of a bicycle, we got to understand that a bicycle moves forward when muscular force is exerted on its pedal. So, the muscular energy of the rider gets converted into the following form-

1. Heat energy
The heat energy heats the rider's body, making the rider tired and sweaty.
2. Kinetic energy of the bicycle
Kinetic energy provides a velocity for the bicycle to move forward.

This energy transformation can be shown below: 
$\boxed{Muscular\ energy=kinetic\ energy+heat\ energy}$

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