What are the Types of Salesforce Clouds and Their Features? 

Salesforce is the industry leader in cloud computing, providing software for all facets of your company's operations, including CRM, sales, ERP, customer support, marketing automation, business analytics, and more. Also, everything uses the same connected platform and consumer data to operate. In contrast to Service Cloud, which gives Web-to-case capabilities, Sales Cloud provides Web-to-lead functionality. Via many channels and any device, Salesforce Service Cloud makes it incredibly simple to communicate with each customer individually. Thanks to Salesforce Service Cloud, you can provide consumers with outstanding services right at their fingertips. It offers services like live chat, call centers, etc.

What are Clouds by Salesforce?

Understandably, those who don't know much about Salesforce could believe it provides a single customer relationship management tool (CRM). Salesforce offers various services and solutions, each catering to a certain market or function. Because they are all provided by cloud computing, these tools are referred to as "clouds."

Salesforce Cloud -Types and Features

Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Analytics Cloud are the six main types of clouds that Salesforce offers. In addition to the new Vaccination Cloud for handling COVID tests and vaccines, Salesforce offers nine other clouds for particular applications and sectors. These have their importance in their own respective ways. If you are using Salesforce cloud or trying to learn about them, you should always begin by focusing on its types and features. To make things easier for their understanding, we will start with the naming and description of these types −

Salesforce Sales Cloud

The company's most well-known cloud service is Salesforce Sales Cloud. The sales process is automated, lead creation is boosted, and communication across many channels is made easier. Sales representatives and managers use the Sales Cloud in both the B2B and B2C markets. For companies of all sizes, Sales Cloud provides several crucial services, including −

  • Managing contacts and account information

  • Lead tracking and management

  • Management of opportunities and products

  • Campaigns

Sales Cloud is used by businesses primarily to boost sales and is effective. Salesforce claims that companies adopting Sales Cloud see an improvement in win rate of 37% and efficiency of 44%. Some studies suggest that adopting Sales Cloud can boost conversion rates ranging between 40% and 300%.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

A platform for controlling e-commerce operations is Salesforce Commerce Cloud. It is specially made for B2C businesses that provide services online.

The following are some of Commerce Cloud's key characteristics −

  • Management of channels, including digital, mobile, and social

  • Customer journey planning road maps

  • Scalability of clouds

  • LiveMessage to automate numerous crucial client tasks.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud gives you the tools to build seamless ecommerce experiences that appeal to and influence connected consumers today. Delivering individualized consumer experiences across mobile, digital, and social platforms is possible with cloud-based ecommerce software.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Automating your business's marketing initiatives is the goal of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, formerly known as Exact Target. Via email and social media, among other channels, Marketing Cloud enables you to interact with clients in real-time. Additionally, it assists in tracking specific clients at their many travels stops. You can design personalized one-on-one communications with it, which could result in more purchases. Marketing Cloud provides the following list of helpful marketing tools −

  • Creates customized, targeted emails with Email Studio

  • Use Data Studio to make money off of your customer data.

  • To integrate social media data with your marketing efforts, use Social Studio.

  • The advertising studio uses customer service, social media, and other channels to interact with customers.

  • To control push alerts sent through SMS, use Mobile Studio.

  • Online and offline touchpoints can be connected using Interaction Studio.

Marketing Cloud is one of the most important Salesforce clouds that help in different fields and are helping associations to become successful.

Salesforce Service Cloud

A platform for managing customer service in the cloud is Salesforce Service Cloud. It performs the help desk and customer care platform roles, enabling businesses to offer individualized customer support. One of the most widely used and highly regarded customer care software programmes is Service Cloud from Salesforce. This customer care software lets agents and consumers instantly connect and resolve client issues via phone, web, chat, or email.

Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud, formerly Community Cloud, creates online communities by bringing together clients, employers, partners, and agents. It lets you develop web-based portals for customer support, sales, and other crucial operations. For the benefit of all Salesforce users in your company, Experience Cloud builds an internal social network using the CRM data you already have.

Salesforce Analytics Cloud

The goal of Salesforce Analytics Cloud is to maximize the value of the data that your company collects. To delve deeply into your data and uncover useful insights, Analytics Cloud leverages AI technologies. To share your data with important stakeholders, you may easily visualize it in relevant graphs and charts. The objective is to give your team additional information to help make more informed decisions.


Salesforce first became well-known as a platform for sales automation and CRM. Also, it was the first business to move CRM to the cloud. This allowed enterprises from all over to flourish. Companies could make their services available to customers around the clock and from any location. By adjusting to new technology while keeping an eye on trends that will shape the future, the corporation has managed to dominate the industry today and maintain its relevance.

Updated on: 19-Apr-2023


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