What are the professional challenges faced by a CA?

Chartered accountancy is a profession which works closely with the core of all business whether it is small, medium or big size firm. A professional chartered accountant typically involves in accounting, auditing, tax, and financial planning. This job is highly rewarding and is also considered very challenging. Career opportunities post chartered accountancy are full of excitement.

There are various professional challenges that a person can face while working as a CA. You can see these challenges below:

Have to Work Overtime

During the fiscal year, there come several times when a chartered accountant has to work more than 70 hours a week.

Competitive Job

CA job is very competitive, People who are in this professionals are naturally driven, determined, focused and more intelligent as compared to other jobs. The training and job in this profession are highly competitive and intense.

Handle Pressure Situations

CA job has very responsible tasks and activities, as you have to make sure that each and every detail is up to the mark and when are doing overtime and having strict deadlines, it becomes very difficult to keep your focus.

Never Ending Training

Working in this field always require continuing professional development, so availing training in this profession is a continuous process. So you will have to keep studying throughout your career.

Detail Oriented Job

This job is meant for those professionals who are naturally highly detail-focused for any task.

Hierarchical Career

CA profession is a hierarchical career, here you will have to follow some sets of defined protocols and steps to move in the career hierarchy.

Deadlines Commitment

Deadlines in this career are non-negotiable and it is very important to meet the deadlines. So if you like to keep pushing things up to the last second then you are not in the right profession.

Updated on: 17-May-2022


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