What are the challenges of desktop consideration?

The size of the desktop machine is based on the characteristics of the user and the related tool requirements. A casual user whose data required are met by HTML document through a Web browser needs only as much power as it takes to run the internet browser.

On the other hand, a power user who develops complex queries and analyses from scratch will possibly need a more dynamic machine. There are some desktop related challenges which are as follows −

Cross-Platform Support − Some organizations have Macintosh hold-outs in the marketing organization, and some organizations need UNIX stores in engineering and manufacturing. It can be supporting multiple desktop platforms means much more work for the front-end team. Installation and support issues change from platform to platform, needing the team to know all platforms.

Desktop OS − Even if everyone is on the same desktop hardware platform, they still may not be able to support the client software because they are not on the right version of the desktop operating system. Find out which OS version your tools require and take a survey to make sure it matches reality.

Software Distribution − This is an insidious problem for the data warehouse because it can sneak up slowly and quietly, and then hit you smack in the face. It’s easy to install the first few sets of users. You typically know who they are, because they’ve been involved in some of the design sessions.

Web-Based Tools − The main attraction of the Web and related technologies is that they provide the possibility of platform independence and seamless distribution. This is only true in principle and only at the simple report access level. True ad hoc analysis tends to require a significant desktop presence.

Memory − It should come as no surprise that memory can make a big difference in performance on the desktop machine. One company we worked with spent a lot of time and energy researching network issues only to find out that the performance bottleneck was caused by the fact that the machines in question did not have enough memory. They were spending most of their time paging data and programs in and out of virtual memory.

Desktop Summary − Our recommendation is to choose a standard platform and determine the minimum configuration that will responsively support your toolset. Make it big enough to be effective. Consider an independent, more dynamic, recommended configuration especially for dynamic users, because these folks are few in number but huge in impact.

Updated on: 09-Feb-2022


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