What are the differences between SugarSync and RapidShare?

Let us understand the concepts of SugarSync and Rapidshare before learning the differences between them.


It is one of the longest-running cloud back-up services around started in year 2004. It is a convenient way to back up, sync, and access files from anywhere, anytime. It is one of the simplest file syncing services we have ever seen.

It can sync and securely access our files from the cloud in seconds. It can also save, view, and edit our documents across multiple devices and can manage and share our files the way we want.


The features of SugarSync are as follows −

  • In SugarSync we can safely access and share our files and folders from anywhere.

  • Multi-Folder Syncing

  • Online Backup

  • Sync Any Device

  • File Sharing with Anyone

  • Security & Protection

  • Easy Restoration

  • Mobile Apps


RapidShare is an online file hosting service started in the year 2002 by Christian Schmid and dissolved in the year 2015.


The features of RapidShare are as follows −

  • It is an online file storage service that helps to upload multiple files and generate a private download links

  • With the help of the link we can share the content to anyone

  • Uploading files to Rapidshare is easy just select the file and click the “Upload” button

  • We can also use the Flash-based upload manager that allows us to upload up to three files at a time.

  • The size limit for RapidShare files is 500 MB, but we can split up larger archives if necessary.

  • The free account has some limitations like files can only be downloaded 10 times and the RapidShare links are erased after 60 days of inactivity.

  • The RapidShare Premium account is much faster.

  • The sign up for RapidShare is free and helps us to manage files in an organized way.


The advantages of RapidShare are as follows −

  • Easy to use

  • It is fast and efficient file storage.

  • It has a Flash uploader.

The disadvantage is that there are certain limitations in free accounts.


The major differences between SugarSync and RapidShare are as follows −

It was launched by J2Global in the year 2009.
RapidShare was launched in the year 2001 by Christian Schmid.
It does not offer free storage space.
RapidShare offers limited storage for free.
The maximum storage capacity of SugarSync is 60 GB.
RapidShare offers limited storage space for paid accounts.
SugarSync offers file synchronization, cloud storage service and a file hosting service.
RapidShare provides file hosting service and online backup service.
SugarSynch has band-width limit of 10 GB free per day and more for paid.
RapidShare band-width limit is based on paid plans.
In SugarSync there is no limit for file size.
RapidShare allow maximum size per file is 500 MB

Updated on: 22-Mar-2022


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