What are the differences between HCL Connections and SugarSync?

Let us understand the concepts of HCL Connections and SugarSync before learning the differences between them.

HCL Connections

It is a social software application developed by IBM in 2007 and later owned by HCL technologies in the year 2019. It is a collaboration tool which assists customers and business people with communication and workflow management.

It is mainly designed for file sharing, online meetings, and instant messaging. The programming language used is java and javascript.


The characteristics of HCL are as follows −

  • Collaboration analytics
  • Direct source capture
  • Content monitoring
  • Message threading and attachments
  • Contextual capture
  • Profile and identity management
  • Powerful search
  • Video conferencing
  • External archive support
  • Contact management


The advantages of HCL connection are as follows −

  • Community blogs and wikis are self-used managed and created by users
  • Tagging feature is excellent.
  • It provides great settings with a reliable result
  • HCL connection is a resource center for peer to peer sharing and collaboration.


The disadvantages of HCL connection are as follows −

  • It has to improve efficiency and performance within the organization
  • Many confusing methodologies to communicate
  • Needs training to onboard everyone
  • Import and export of data leads is confusing.


It is one of the longest-running cloud back-up services around started in year 2004. It is a convenient way to back up, sync, and access files from anywhere, anytime. It is one of the simplest file syncing services we have ever seen.

It can sync and securely access our files from the cloud in seconds. It can also save, view, and edit our documents across multiple devices and can manage and share our files the way we want.


The features of SugarSync are as follows −

  • In SugarSync we can safely access and share our files and folders from anywhere.

  • Multi-Folder Syncing

  • Online Backup

  • Sync Any Device

  • File Sharing with Anyone

  • Security & Protection

  • Easy Restoration
  • Mobile Apps


The advantages of SugarSync are as follows −

  • Speed
  • Automatic backup
  • Reliability
  • Sync files
  • Share files and folders
  • Stability


The disadvantages of SugarSync are as follows −

  • Non-existent customer support
  • Duplicate folder
  • After 30 days free version, no longer exists
  • Price is too high
  • Resources decreases


The major differences between HCL Connections and SugarSync are as follows −

HCL ConnectionsSugarSync
It was developed by IBM in 2007 and later owned by HCL technologies in the year 2019.It was launched by J2Global in the year 2009
HCL connection offers 5 GB free storage space.It does not offer free storage space
The maximum storage capacity of HCL is 1 TB.The maximum storage capacity of SugarSync is 60 GB.
The maximum file size of HCL connection is 2GB.SugarSync file size is unlimited.
HCL connection provides file Synchronization service, file hosting service and cloud storage service.SugarSync offers file synchronization, cloud storage service and a file hosting service.
HCL connection developer API is REST, Atom and 0Auth2.SugarSync developer API is REST.
HCL connection supports file versioningSugarSync supports file versioning.
HCL has no band-width limit.SugarSync has a band-width limit of 10 GB for free and 250 GB for paid.
HCL connection supports Windows, iOS, Android and OS X operating systems.SugarSync supports Windows, macOS, iOS and Android only.

Updated on: 23-Mar-2022


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